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Awareness Is Non-Conceptual By B. Jurgens
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This book is the third volume of a trilogy began with "Beyond Description" and "Aren't You Just This?". It is aimed at the "spiritual seekers" who have realized that... More > presence awareness is what they are seeking, yet they still feel that they are something separate from that. It is pointed out here that the seeker, the separate person, is the apparent result of a chain of concepts arising out of this presence awareness but can never actually be anything apart from it. "Waking up" is simply a matter of seeing through the appearance of the concepts to their source: this presence awareness here that we all are. It is only the assumption that the apparent separate self is real which seems to make this a difficult or protracted process. By dropping all concepts and looking at our direct experience, we can see that this is effortless and there is no "one" here to have any problems.< Less
Aren't You Just This? By B. Jurgens
Paperback: $10.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
This small companion book to Beyond Description: Notes on the Dissolution of a Seeker consists mostly of dialogs with readers of the first book along with a few short pieces similar in style to those... More > in the first book. What is being pointed to here is so simple that it may not be understood or may be overlooked by some. “Understanding” seems to be at least partly an intellectual process, however many claim to have an “intellectual understanding” yet feel that something is still being missed. The process of dialog is very helpful as it provides a tangible jumping off point between an intellectual understanding and a direct seeing of what these words are pointing towards. Intellectual understanding is only useful to a point – to the point which it is realized that “the understanding” is (and can only be) non-conceptual. Concepts are the apparent trap which create the sense of separation that fuels the search for wholeness.< Less