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Adventist: The Autobiography Of Joseph Pyram King By Wesley E. Bassett, editor
eBook (PDF): $10.95
E-BOOK EDITION: Edited by Wes Bassett, Joseph P. King's autobiography spotlights American life between 1846 and 1946. King tells of his boyhood in Wilmington, N.C., during the Civil War, his bout... More > with Yellow Fever, and his love affair with his wife of 60 years. He also tells of his long service as a minister. Included is his defense when he was put on trial for heresy in 1880. This 2nd edition contains corrections, additions, and a section of newly uncovered and collected photographs.< Less
A Dirty Old Man Goes To The Dogs: John Cowart's 2009 Diary By John Cowart
Paperback: List Price: $22.95 $20.66 | You Save: 10%
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Once again writer John Cowart proves laughable as he ponders the serious business of life. In this fifth book of John’s Dirty Old Man series, he thrills to uncover a century-old fingerprint. He... More > struggles with matters of faith and theodicy as he recounts the tale of his friend the librarian’s car being attacked by barely-clad nightclub strippers swinging swords. Only real life can be so funny and so serious at the same time.< Less
The Lazarus Projects By John Cowart
eBook (PDF): $9.95
E-BOOK EDITION: In THE LAZARUS PROJECTS, by John Cowart, a team of modern scientists travels back through time to investigate the events surrounding the crucifixion of Jesus Christ by Roman... More > authorities in the year 33. Miami businessman Lazarus Wienstien, multi-millionaire owner of one of America's largest breweries, proposes this investigation. The bizarre death of his only grandson on the very day Mr. Wienstien discovers his own cancer motivates him to initiate five research projects, one of which, he hopes, will insure his personal survival after death. These projects include experiments in cyronics, geriatrics, hypnotic regression, resuscitation and resurrection.< Less
Along The Way By Barbara White & John Cowart, editor
eBook (PDF): $7.95
E-BOOK EDITION: This is the first book in a series by award-winning columnist Barbara White, who describes herself as an insignificant person following a magnificent Savior; a weak person following a... More > powerful God; a pilgrim following the road Home. She admits being a sinful person on the receiving end of incredible grace. She says, “I write about trying to live the Christian life and failing and trying again”. Her modest yet strong newspaper columns influenced thousands of readers as they followed her struggles and joys along the way; in her spiritual journey, they see their own. Readers from all walks of life and every religious persuasion identify with the transparent reality of her life and writing as they seek their own spiritual depth. Join her in her journey along the way; she’s headed toward someplace we all want to go.< Less
Further Along The Way By John Cowart, editor & Barbara White,
eBook (PDF): $7.95
E-BOOK EDITION: For over 15 years at the Florida Times-Union newspaper, award winning journalist Barbara White wrote a personal account of her spiritual journey. Thousands of readers followed her... More > column, Along The Way. "I write about trying to live the Christian life and failing and trying again," she said. “God loves us just as we are — and too much to let us stay that way”. Further Along The Way is the second book in a series of Barbara White’s Along The Way columns to be published by Bluefish Books.< Less
Seasons Along The Way By John Cowart, editor & Barbara White,
eBook (PDF): $7.95
E-BOOK EDITION: For 15 years award-winning journalist Barbara White wrote Along The Way, a weekly column for the Florida Times-Union newspaper, chronicling her personal spiritual journey — 15... More > Easters, 15 Mothers’ Days, 15 Thanksgivings, 15 Advents, 15 Lents, 15 Fourth of Julys, etc. Each column was to be read as a stand-alone piece, therefore they retain a timeless quality. This book collects samples of these outstanding columns related to various holiday seasons as well as a generous sample of columns related to the fun, faith and frustrations Mrs. White experienced in her daily adventures Along The Way. This is the third book in Barbara White’s Along The Way series. —jwc< Less
Rejoicing Along The Way By John Cowart, editor & Barbara White,
eBook (PDF): $7.95
E-BOOK EDITION: In this fourth book of Barbara White's popular Along The Way series, she experiences joy on her spiritual journey in spite of potholes along the way such as her own cancer, a broken... More > wrist, and her daughter's brain tumor. Her discoveries of rejoicing mirror the spiritual riches available in every reader's own life.< Less
A Dirty Old Man Stumbles On: John Cowart's 2007 Diary By John Cowart
eBook (PDF): $9.95
E-BOOK EDITION: In this third book of John Cowart’s Dirty Old Man Diaries series the author shares his fun-filled adventures as he takes his wife off for a romantic get-away weekend to an... More > Indian burial mound. But it’s not all fun as John wrestles with the problem of, “If God Loves Me, Then Why Won’t My Lawnmower Start?”. Readers share John’s frustration as he worries over two sneaky 16th Century Puritans with the same name and as he turns a shopping bag filled with newspaper clippings into a book. And readers laugh as John plays the part of the “Ugliest Virgin Ever” in a Christmas play when he tries to diaper a Teddy Bear amid clouds of baby powder. In the midst of these humorous adventures, John continually falls to temptations, yet keeps stumbling along seeking spiritual reality in everyday life.< Less
A Dirty Old Man Sinks Lower: John Cowart's 2008 Diary By John Cowart
eBook (PDF): $9.95
E-BOOK EDITION: Readers laugh as writer John Cowart bogs down in tar when he paints his house. He also bogs down in muck repairing his pool. And he bogs down in words as he finishes writing a history... More > of his local fire department—a project he’s tried, off and on, for 20 years. John says he’s just a befuddled ordinary Christian who looks for spiritual reality in everyday life—and you’ll laugh as he has fun doing that. You never know what the next page will bring. This book is the fourth in John’s Dirty Old Man Goes Bad series.< Less
Strangers On The Earth: A Collective Biography Of People Whose Faith Got Them Into Trouble By John Cowart
eBook (PDF): $8.00
E-BOOK EDITION: John Cowart’s collective biography, Strangers On The Earth, offers miniature portraits of about 20 people who were radically different from the rest of us, people I find to be... More > among the most fascinating characters who ever lived. Some told about in these pages are well known. Others you may have never heard of before. Each one exhibits certain other-worldly characteristics and values which you may find attractive, funny or odd — even repelling. Each of them acted out of place in this world, as though they were strangers here…. Among those profiled here are Astronomer Johannes Kepler, Aristocrat Jeanne Guyon, Farmer Seth Hubbel, Physician Eleanor Chesnut, Explorer Christopher Columbus, Housewife Mary Rowlandson, Saint Patrick of Ireland, Missionary William Carey, and a host of others who lived indeed as strangers on this earth.< Less