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A Dirty Old Man Gets Worse: John Cowart's 2006 Diary By John Cowart
eBook (PDF): $9.95
E-BOOK EDITION: Have great reading fun as you track joys and frustrations in this light-hearted writer’s diary. Laugh as this happy man wrestles with temptations and ponders the existence and... More > nature of God. Smile at his antics over editing a Civil War diary and the autobiography of a 100-year-old man while at the same time caring for a duck attacked by a raccoon. Enjoy a year’s worth of fun with his wild and rambunctious family. Be amused at the false and mistaken report of his death; and relish his abiding joy in life. Follow John’s exploits as he plans to write THE WORLD’S GREATEST BOOK ON HUMILITY! as a future project.< Less
A Dirty Old Man Goes Bad: John Cowart's 2005 Diary By John Cowart
eBook (PDF): $10.95
E-BOOK EDITION: "A Dirty Old Man Goes Bad", by John Cowart, records the humor and happiness of a frustrated writer. John’s daily blog, Rabid Fun, bears the caption, “A befuddled... More > ordinary Christian looks for spiritual realities in day to day living.” Sounds like a downer. Yet, over 104,000 readers from 102 countries visited his website in 2005. A Dirty Old Man Goes Bad reveals John’s happy joys as well as his struggles with temptation over bitterness, resentment, pornography, Microsoft, depression, laziness, Google, Blogger, pettiness, sloth, Krispy Kreme Donuts, and anger. All in all, this is a real-time love story told day by day by a man who loves reality.< Less
Glog: A Dinosaur Novel-- Of Sorts By John Cowart
eBook (PDF): $9.95
E-BOOK EDITION: John Cowart's Glog, a science fiction/humor fantasy, relates the adventures of a sentient dinosaur in the Chesapeake Bay area where he prays for divine guidance while being buffeted... More > by adverse circumstances which confuse the creature to no end. Glog eats muskrats, lots of muskrats, and hunger motivates him more than anything else. He also illuminates the initial uncials in a biblical manuscript.< Less
Seeking A Settled Heart: The 16th Century Diray Of Puritan Richard Rogers By John Cowart & & Dr. M.M. Knappen, Editors
eBook (PDF): $9.00
E-BOOK EDITION: The diary of Richard Rogers, a Puritan minister in the time of the first Queen Elizabeth, resonates with features of my own life. Rogers lived between 1550 and 1618; his extant diary... More > covers from February 28, 1587 to August 26, 1590. This present text is based on materials transcribed by Dr. M.M. Knappen. When I first encountered the Diary Of Richard Rogers, the man’s search for God moved me to seek the Lord myself with more intensity and less pretense. The diary of this good and godly man inspired me in my own spiritual walk. That’s what spiritual diaries are supposed to do. —— John Cowart< Less
I'm Confused About Prayer By John Cowart
eBook (PDF): $6.95
E-BOOK EDITION: John Cowart,World's Foremost Authority on unanswered prayer, says, "I've prayed for more things and didn't get them than anyone else I know." But many other people also... More > wonder why their prayers seem to get nowhere. So John's amusing book addresses such issues as: Is Anybody out there to answer prayers? If God is able to answer, then why doesn't he? Is God as mean as a snake? Is there something wrong with my faith, my sins, my breath? If God did speak to me during prayer, would I hear him? If I don't have a whole lot of faith, will God answer me anyhow? Am I praying, or just wishing? And as John worries such questions, he presents his famous Skunk Proof for the existence of a loving God. He dedicates the book to his wife with the words, "I prayed 35 years ago to get over loving you. I'm so glad that God did not answer my prayer"..... NOTE: This book was previously published as "Why Don't I Get What I Pray For?" (IVP, 1993)< Less
Diary Of Samuel Ward: A Translator Of The 1611 King James bible By John Cowart & & Dr, M.M. Knappen, Editors
eBook (PDF): $9.95
E-BOOK EDITION: Samuel Ward, a moderate Puritan, lived from 1577 to 1643. His life spanned from the reign of Britain’s Queen Elizabeth, through that of King James. and into the days of Charles... More > I. Surviving pages of his diary run from May 11, 1595 to July 1, 1632. He served the Second Cambridge Company Translation Committee, comprised of the finest biblical and linguistic scholars of his day, to produce the 1611 King James Bible, the world’s most popular book. Ward walked a thin line between Puritan and Established Church factions. While perusing his academic career at Cambridge, he preached solid Puritan sermons yet rose to become the royal chaplain for King James, head of the Established Church. Ward’s diary reveals that while he cared deeply about larger academic, political and church polity matters, his main concern was his own walk with Christ. He wrote to remind himself of his daily sins and faults, and also to remind himself of God’s many blessings to him.< Less
Letters From Stacy By John Cowart, Editor
eBook (PDF): $9.95
E-BOOK EDITION: Editor John Cowart said, "I bought an old wooden file drawer a few years ago at a yard sale in the Riverside section of Jacksonville, Florida. As best I recall, I paid three... More > dollars for the file drawer and its contents. Inside I found this collection of letters touching on Little Rock, Arkansas', and Jacksonville, Florida's, history and culture from a man interested in family, cooking, gardening, gunsmithing, computers, geology, wines, weather ... and gnomes."< Less
Gravedigger's Christmas By John Cowart
eBook (PDF): $7.95
E-BOOK EDITION: John Cowart’s collection, Gravedigger’s Christmas & Other Tales: Fact, Fiction, And The Normal Daily Grind, provides entertaining and amusing, yet enlightening, short... More > stories, articles and essays related to daily life as well as to various holidays. Readings in the 230 page book range from “John Burns His Own Stupid Foot” for April Fool’s Day, to serious meditations such as “The Ugliest Picture In The World” for Easter. In these pages love stories abound, such as “The Girl In My Shower” and “The Fig Factor”. And the book also addresses deep philosophical and theological issues such as “Are There Reindeer In Heaven?” and “Was Jesus A Ghost?”. All these chapters combine to make for light happy reading no matter what the occasion — even if it’s just making it through your normal daily grind.< Less
William F. Short's 1854 Diary By John Cowart
Paperback: List Price: $20.95 $18.86 | You Save: 10%
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In 1854 William Short said more between the lines of his diary than he did in its pages. He'd proposed marriage to Sarah. But when he traveled to Jackson, Missouri, he was smitten by Amanda. Then at... More > a Methodist camp meeting he met Martha, "My Temptation". Suspense builds as the young minister decides which girl to marry while at the same time he feels a deep heart hunger for God. His mix of confusion about love and dedication to Christ still appeals to readers after 155 years.< Less
Along The Way By Barbara White
Paperback: List Price: $16.95 $15.26 | You Save: 10%
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This is the first book in a series by award-winning columnist Barbara White, who describes herself as an insignificant person following a magnificent Savior; a weak person following a powerful God; a... More > pilgrim following the road Home. She admits being a sinful person on the receiving end of incredible grace. She says, “I write about trying to live the Christian life and failing and trying again”. Her modest yet strong newspaper columns influenced thousands of readers as they followed her struggles and joys along the way; in her spiritual journey, they see their own. Readers from all walks of life and every religious persuasion identify with the transparent reality of her life and writing as they seek their own spiritual depth. Join her in her journey along the way; she’s headed toward someplace we all want to go.< Less