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At the Brink of War By Alfred D. Byrd
eBook (PDF): $1.50
Heretic, traitor, or prophet — Timothy Johnston must learn what he is as worlds move towards the start of an invasion of the earth that will leave it in mediaeval darkness. A fugitive from the... More > invaders, the gifted Dhitha and the blood-drinking Veligit, Timothy is carrying plans that, if he delivers them to the earth’s authorities in time, may forestall the invasion, but will betray his friends to capture — possibly even to torture and to death. The voice within him — the voice that some call prophecy — seems to be telling him, though, that nothing is how it seems to him. He knows only that, when he chooses, he will send two worlds down a path that will end in fire.< Less
Perryville By Alfred D. Byrd
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In the fall of 1862, when Confederate fortunes in the West were fading, Confederate armies under Edmund Kirby Smith and Braxton Bragg carried out a daring invasion of Kentucky. A campaign that a... More > novelist would dare not invent held the war's most lopsided Confederate victory, a battle won by chivalry rather than guns, the murder of a Union general by Jefferson Davis, and an inaugural ball canceled by cannonfire. The campaign climaxed when Bragg's Confederates met Don Carlos Buell's Union army at Perryville in a battle that survivors of Shiloh called the most intense action that they had seen. Defying all of the odds, the Confederates held for a brief season the dream of a border at the Ohio River.< Less
A Convergence at Shiloh By Alfred D. Byrd
eBook (PDF): $1.50
In the second section of An Epic of the American Civil War, the South rides high on its victory at First Bull Run, while the North seeks renewed commitment to the cause of reunion. Lincoln prods... More > reluctant generals to act, with only one success. In the East, a dilatory general-in-chief makes endless plans, but carries out none of them. In the West, a one-time failure turned warlord closes on the enemy. As battles rage across the West, all roads converge on Shiloh, a field of peach trees and a country church in western Tennessee -- a field where more American blood will be shed in two days of combat than had been shed in all of the nation's previous wars.< Less
The Stars Bow Down By Alfred D. Byrd
eBook (PDF): $3.00
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In THE STARS BOW DOWN: AN EPIC OF JOSEPH, the timeless tale of a favorite son whose brothers sold him into slavery, but whom God raised from a prison to save the known world from famine, appears anew... More > in verse that captures the dignity of the Biblical narrative, but is as fresh and immediate as today's headlines. Share Joseph's thoughts and feelings as he meets betrayal and false accusation, but also vindication and love, on the road to reunion and reconciliation with a family that he once thought lost to him forever.< Less
In the Fire of Dawn By Alfred D. Byrd
eBook (PDF): $2.00
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A vision of the end of an age plunges Timothy Johnston, reluctant prophet, ever more deeply into the secret conflict among Humans, the once-human Dhitha, and the vampiric, cannibalistic Veligit. ... More > Facing canonization as a high prophet, or stoning as a heretic, he fights to keep his ambitious mentor from claiming the Dhitha's vacant throne. When Timothy learns of a conspiracy to seize power on the earth, he must make a wrenching choice that may cost him all that he loves!< Less
To Dream Atlantis By Alfred D. Byrd
eBook (PDF): $1.50
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Obsessed by visions of Atlantis, a wealthy student of the occult is led by prophetic verses from continent to continent in quest of those who can further his knowledge of the foundered land. As he... More > gathers around him a circle of adepts, he learns that his mission is no less than to raise the continent anew and restore to it a brilliant civilization cut off in a single day in its prime. Is he about to achieve the dream of mystics throughout the ages, or repeat what led to Atlantis' fall?< Less
eBook (PDF): $6.00
In the conclusion to the Dhitha Tapestry, Timothy must deal with the fallout from his closing the interstellar doorways to prevent an invasion of the earth. On the world of Tena, now his home for the... More > rest of his life, he must face trail as a heretic or a high prophet while he strives to prevent a war far worse than the one that he had feared.< Less
The Light By Alfred D. Byrd
eBook (PDF): $1.25
In a world trapped in purposeless materialism of the here and now, some look for light to give their lives meaning. This light is the nature and manifestation of the Creator, Who brought this world... More > into being, and to Whom it will return for judgment. Only in the Creator's light does true meaning appear. Here, paraphrased and arranged from ancient Hebrew and Christian Scriptures, is the story of the Creator's light as it enters this world and changes all who willingly receive it. May the Light change you into what Eternity means for you to be!< Less
Asenath's Tale By Alfred D. Byrd
eBook (PDF): $1.49
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When Pharaoh calls young Asenath's family to come live in the palace in Memphis, she tries to rescue an unjustly imprisoned slave named Joseph, who'd once befriended her. Her adventures take her on a... More > voyage up the Nile, on a quest for lost cats, into service to a princess, and into Pharaoh's court itself. When Pharaoh starts to have nightmares that his priests can't understand, Asenath learns that saving Joseph may save Egypt itself!< Less
A Song of the One By Alfred D. Byrd
eBook (PDF): $1.50
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A Song of the One is the age-old account of Creatlon, Fall, Redemption, and Glory retold in verse for a new millennium. The major events, characters, and themes of The Story of Salvation appear in a... More > new light in a clear, fast-moving narrative that flows relentlessly from the fires of the first beginning to the fires of a new beginning.< Less