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Historical Cities - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma By Lyn Wilkerson
eBook (ePub): $2.49
This edition in the Historical Cities series explores over 45 historical sites in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and the surrounding vicinity. Historical hotels, municipal buildings, schools, transport... More > structures, and roadside Americana are located with GPS coordinates, street locations, and detailed historic backgrounds. A reference map of the Downtown area is also included.< Less
America's Lost Highway-Illinois' U.S. Highway 66 By Lyn Wilkerson
eBook (ePub): $2.49
This installment of the America’s Lost Highways series explores U.S. Highway 66 across Illinois, from Chicago and Lake Michigan to St. Louis on the Mississippi River. The Mother Road, as its... More > is often called, travels along the Illinois and Michigan Canal for much of the beginning, before crossing into the heart of Lincoln Country. The legend of Abraham Lincoln often looms larger than the man himself. Near St. Louis, the highway traverses Illinois’ version of the antebellum South, with the historical conflicts that came with it. Come explore Illinois’ urban and rural history along Route 66.< Less
American Auto Trail - Wisconsin's U.S. Highway 2 By Lyn Wilkerson
eBook (ePub): $2.49
This guide in the American Auto Trails series explores northwest Wisconsin on U.S. Highway 2. Along the way, the traveler finds sites and landmarks describing the Natural, Native American, Early... More > Explorer, Ethnic and Manufacturing history of this section of the state. The route travels from Hurley on the Michigan State Line to Superior at the western end of Lake Superior. Over 90 historic sites and landmarks are explored. A reference map, distance guidance, and GPS coordinates for all sites are also provided.< Less
America's Lost Highway - Missouri's U.S. Highway 66 By Lyn Wilkerson
eBook (ePub): $2.49
This installment of the America’s Lost Highway series follows the Mother Road, U.S. Highway 66, across Missouri. Starting at the Mississippi River at St. Louis, the highway once traveled south... More > and west, through Rolla and Springfield, to the edge of the central plains at Joplin. This was the main thoroughfare from the Northeast and Great Lakes to the thriving growth of the American Southwest and the glitter of Los Angeles prior to the development of the Interstates. Much of it is retraceable, and this guide will lead you through the history which Route 66 traveled through. This second edition of our guide includes improved formatting, additional sites and maps from our Historic Cities-St. Louis guide, and excerpts from a 1930 road map of Missouri.< Less
American Auto Trail - Alabama's U.S. Highway 11 By Lyn Wilkerson
eBook (ePub): $2.49
This updated edition of the American Auto Trail's series (improved formatting and text navigation) explores U.S. Highway 11, from its entry into northeastern Alabama from Georgia to its departure... More > into Mississippi just east of Meridian. Native American, Early Pioneer, American Civil War, and Civil Rights histories are just some of subjects examined through the landmarks and sites along the highway. Reference maps and GPS coordinates for all listed sites are included.< Less
American Auto Trail - Alabama's U.S. Highway 80 By Lyn Wilkerson
eBook (ePub): $2.49
U.S. Highway 80 explores the deep history of central Alabama, starting west of Columbus, Georgia, and passing through the state capitol of Montgomery, along the Selma to Montgomery National Historic... More > Trail to Demopolis and Mississippi. The education centers of Auburn and Tuskegee are visited along the way. This edition includes improved formatting and text navigation, reference maps, GPS coordinates for historic sites, and over 250 points of interest.< Less
Historical Cities-Charleston By Lyn Wilkerson
eBook (ePub): $2.99
This edition of the Historical Cities collection explores the city of Charleston, South Carolina. The proverbial powder keg of the American Civil War, Charleston also claims a rich history reaching... More > back to the early days of the American colonies and beyond. Thirty-five historical sites and landmarks are laid out in the center of the city for a walking tour, and an additional 15 sites are described in the surrounding areas of James Island, Mount Pleasant, and along the Ashley River Road. Descriptions are derived from the extensive information provided in the American Guide Series of the 1930’s and 1940’s, and GPS coordinates are located at the end of the guide for the more technically proficient. This second edition contains text navigation and improved formatting.< Less
American Auto Trail - Florida's U.S. Highway 1 By Lyn Wilkerson
eBook (ePub): $2.49
This installment of the American Auto Trail series covers the Main Street of Florida, U.S. Highway 1. From the First Coast of Jacksonville and St. Augustine, to the Gold Coast of West Palm and Miami,... More > this guide provides historic highlights from pre-colonial times to the roaring 20's. Follow the route of the Dixie Highway from the Georgia Line to Key West. This edition includes text navigation to aid access to guide segments.< Less
American Auto Trail - Florida's U.S. Highway 27 By Lyn Wilkerson
eBook (ePub): $2.49
U.S. Highway 27 is part of the western route of the Dixie Highway into Florida. This highway cuts through the State Capital of Tallahassee, deep in the early plantation history and pioneering days... More > of the Panhandle. From Tallahassee, it travels down the spine of the Peninsula, around Lake Okeechobee, to Miami Beach) This edition adds text navigation to improve access to each guide segment.< Less
Slow Travels: Exploring America's History Along U.S. Highways: Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia Edition By Lyn Wilkerson
eBook (ePub): $4.99
Slow Travels-Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia explores these three states on their major U.S. Highways, providing historical text for sites and landmarks, much of which is based on the American... More > Guides of the 1930's and 1940's. In Delaware, this guide follows U.S. Highway 13 from the Pennsylvania State Line, through Wilmington and Dover, to the Maryland Line. In Maryland, U.S. Highways 40 and 50 travel the state east to west, including the Eastern Shore from Ocean City and the cities of Annapolis and Baltimore. Virginia is traveled by U.S. Highways 11, 15, and 17 north to south (encompassing the eastern, central, and western sections of the state) and U.S. Highways 50 and 60 east to west. Along the way, the history of the Shenandoah Valley, Williamsburg, Yorktown, Alexandria, and many key points in the American Civil War unfold. Reference maps are included for each route and GPS Coordinates are listed for all historic sites.< Less