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Catalyst - Book One

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Catalyst - Book One
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Walthis Crane was blessed with the ability to view the souls of those who walk among us. To this introverted billionaire, his anomaly displays itself as a soft glow emanating from us all. But there are those in which this luminescence does not simply present itself as a soft glow, it radiates profusely in signification of the gift they possess. It is these individuals Walthis is in search of, those who he feels are destine to be the saviors of the world. He discovers the first of these saviors embodied in a sprite, violet haired young woman by the name of Kira Harington. But where Walthis believes he has discovered the first ally in his quest to save lives, he soon comes to realize that this vibrant young woman’s ability only allows her to end them. Throughout the course of the tale, Walthis comes to the grim realization that in order to save the souls of the world, a great many may have to be extinguished first.
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