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You Have A Lovely Heart By Lisa Zaran
eBook (PDF): $4.51
(1 Ratings)
Poems by Lisa Zaran. "You Have a Lovely Heart is a beautifully detailed, richly imagined exploration of the real, surreal and romantic Southwestern landscape of Arizona. Lisa Zaran's poetic... More > language is alternately colloquial, sensual and emotionally stark.” - RT Castleberry, editor, Curbside Review< Less
Close But No Pizza By Jade Blackmore
eBook (PDF): $4.48
(1 Ratings)
Gritty time capsule of poems by Los Angeles poet, Jade Blackmore.
Origami Flower By Christine E. Laine
eBook (PDF): $3.89
Sensual Poems by C. E. Laine. Nothing but sensual and romantic poems in this brief but heady chapbook (art by C. E. Laine).
Beautifully Thin Oneonta Moon By Michael Paul Ladanyi & Donna Kuhn
eBook (PDF): $8.25
(2 Ratings)
Poets Michael Paul Ladanyi and Donna Kuhn give us a searing collection of poetics with illustrations. Each poem is accompanied by a full-color visual by the poet. This full-size book is a visual and... More > aural experience.< Less
Epithalamion By Cheryl Snell
eBook (PDF): $3.89
(1 Ratings)
Poems by Cheryl Snell. Cheryl's words are poignant, funny, enlightening, and laden with rich imagery.
Drowning Ophelia By Alex Stolis
eBook (PDF): $3.81
(1 Ratings)
Alex Stolis delivers snappy, gritty poetry. He takes rock cloth to words, shows us how even the murkiest part of humanity has a certain beauty.
Dark On Purpose. By Corey Mesler
eBook (PDF): $3.50
(1 Ratings)
Poems by Corey Mesler. Dark. Gritty. Beautiful. Sinister. Unforgettable.
Art of the Dog By Michael Paul Ladanyi
eBook (PDF): $4.65
(2 Ratings)
An absorbing linguistic experience in poems by two-time Pushcart Prize nominee, Michael Paul Ladanyi.
This So Called Life: the anthology By C. E. Laine et al.
eBook (PDF): $5.33
(3 Ratings)
Poems by members of This So Called Life, a writing workshop. Contributing Editors: C. E. Laine and Kathy Kubik, with poetry by Sherry Deanne Adams, Andrew Analore, Aaron Brauer, Pris Campbell,... More > Corvin, David Curtis, David Durham, Deidre Elizabeth, Jason Fraley, Fulicasenia, Todd Heldt, Robert Kidd, Donna Hill, Poppy Hullings, Lisa Michelle Maloney, McGrittle, Dorothy Doyle Mienko, Mothdust, Nathan Novikoff, Nyktipolos, Rae Pater, Kari Rabarison, Redkat, J. Reed-Meeks, Heidi L. Nordberg, Sirrus Poe, Christopher R. Robbins, Don Schaeffer, D. K. Sterling, Melanie M. Stevenson, B. A. Stites, The Lost Lost Boy, Valerie Thomas, Paul Trombley, and Wintersong.< Less
Suburban Fairy Tales of Brilliant Ash and Blue Sins By C. E. Laine & Michael Paul Ladanyi
eBook (PDF): $4.50
(1 Ratings)
by Michael Paul Ladanyi and Christine E. Laine (Illustrations and cover by C. E. Laine) An astounding illustrated collection of poems by two-time Pushcart Prize Nominees Michael Paul Ladanyi and... More > Christine E. Laine (24 pages). Poet Cheryl Snell, says... "I read this lovely book over the weekend. It is a wonderful duet, both voices sure, distinctive, true. Intensely visual, the work is deepened with the photographs and the emotional center of separate observations is bull's eyed by each poet, every time. Among the startling and memorable images, there is dark humor and a dare to have courage as we tremble on the precipice in a time of ash and sin. I recommend Suburban Fairy Tales of Brilliant Ash and Blue Sins."< Less