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Sex, God, Dildo's, Nuns and Lucifer By Summer Twist
eBook (ePub): $16.00
Nothing Godly about the dresses and headgear, including the swinging lamps, the fasting, the killing of lambs, the slaughter of goats, the wooden blocks tied to the heads, the sandals, the formless... More > robes, and the head to toe covers for certain females. Nothing Godly with the colored spots and lines pasted and drawn all over faces, nothing Godly about the tossing of colored powders, and nothing Godly about burning a chicken or lamb or some poor animal alive on a bon fire! The point is, I think, that the cover does not make the book. Someone is cashing in on the “God” project, and the cash-in is huge!< Less
Evil Personified By Tom the Tigger
eBook (ePub): $14.50
A true story, based on a real life happening. A story of deceit, fraud, theft, corruption, kidnapping and bribes. The wife, her parents, and others manufactured many ways and means to steal millions,... More > and a child!< Less