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Managing for Victory System Guide With Acrostics By James Saylor
eBook (ePub): $5.00
Whatever you need for success in today’s and tomorrow’s organizations MANAGING FOR VICTORY will help you achieve it. This overview provides the essential elements in a simple to... More > understand acrostics based format to dramatically innovate your organization’s management system while creating your personal success system. Includes ALL the acrostics.< Less
Conducting Effective Meetings By James Saylor
eBook (ePub): $2.50
This is a self guided workbook for any team, group, and committee seeking to conduct more effective meetings. Specifically, conducting effective meetings requires: Making a focus statement Ensuring... More > that team meeting roles are assigned and understood Ensuring that the team uses an agenda Taking time to prepare, participate and perform This VICTORY Guide provides: - 4 essentials for effective meetings - 4 steps to construct a code of conduct - 7 issues to consider for code of conduct - 5 imperatives for focus statement - 6 guidelines for agenda - 6 actions before the meeting - 6 considerations during the meeting - 5 actions after the meeting - 8 elements for a meeting critique - and much more!< Less
Managing Team Conflict By James Saylor
eBook (ePub): $2.50
This book provides simple, easy to use guidelines for managing team conflict. Conflict can exist whenever two or more people get together. Conflict and agreement can be both positive and negative. ... More > Conflict is positive when it causes a broadening of ideas, stimulates innovation and creativity, and leads to improved results. Conflict can be negative when it leads to tension, frustration, confusion, and less quality and productivity. This book shows processes to: - Make the most of individual differences - Act to discourage groupthink - Nurture “positive” conflict - Act to control conflict - Get the team to acknowledge conflict - Encourage open and honest discussion of conflict< Less
Winning Customers By James Saylor
eBook (ePub): $5.00
This book is about being the best at winning customers. This is a self guided basic business book for any organization seeking to have champion customer care. This workbook has the essential for... More > developing a wining customer focused organization. getting and keeping customers.< Less
Building Teamwork Workbook By James Saylor
eBook (ePub): $2.50
This is a self guided basic business workbook for any team, group, and committee seeking to build teamwork. Specifically, building teamwork involves: Trust Effective communication, especially... More > listening Attitude positive "can do" Motivation to perform and improve We mentality Ownership of process with pride in accomplishment Respect and consideration of others Keeping focus. This VICTORY workbook provides: ➢ 8 essential for teamwork ➢ 8 benefits of teams ➢ 4 stages of team dynamics ➢ 4 phase team development process ➢ step-by-step worksheet to build teamwork ➢ and much more!< Less
Using Consensus Decision Making By James Saylor
eBook (ePub): $2.50
This VICTORY Guide provides: - 9 reasons to use consensus decision making - 4 critical times to use consensus for a decision - 3 other methods for decision making - 12 step process to reach a... More > decision by consensus - step-by-step worksheet to guide consensus decision making - and much more!< Less
Involving Everyone in Teams By James Saylor
eBook (ePub): $5.00
LEARN HOW TO INVOLVE EVERYONE In TEAMS This is a practical guide for any organization seeking to create a participative team structure. It shows how to synergize individual and team performance. ... More > Specifically, involving everyone to establish a winning organization includes: Including everyone Nurturing a team-based organizational structure Visualizing synergy as the target Opening and sharing information Launching teams throughout the organization Verifying teamwork regularly Energizing the organization/team constantly This VICTORY resource provides: - 7 essentials for involving everyone - 4 keys for a team based organization structure - 8 benefits of teams - 6 considerations for emphasizing the value of people - 10 actions to foster individual contributions - 8 actions to make teams work - 3 keys to target synergy - 2 methods to open and share information - 6 step process to launch teams - 8 guidelines to energize teams - and more!< Less
Forming a Team Workbook By James Saylor
eBook (ePub): $2.50
LEARN HOW TO FORM A TEAM This is a self guided basic business workbook for any team, group, and committee seeking to form a team. Specifically, forming a team involves: Focus on a shared... More > purpose. Orient the team to each other and the team process. Recognize the expected outcomes. Model a common process or methodology. This VICTORY workbook provides: - 9 situations when a team is appropriate - 4 situations when a team is not appropriate - 3 step to prepare to form a team - criteria to select team leader and members - a team “kick-off’ meeting checklist - 12 step process to form a team - step-by-step worksheet to form a team - and much more!< Less
eBook (PDF): $5.00
LEARN HOW TO FOSTER OWNERSHIP OF WORK PROCESS This is a practical guide for any organization seeking to foster ownership of work processes. This book provides leaders or managers specific... More > guidelines to: Organize for ownership Walk the walk of empowerment Nurture pride This VICTORY Guide provides:  3 key elements to foster ownership of work processes  7 activities to organize for ownership  5 reasons to organize for ownership  5 essentials to walk the walk of empowerment  5 actions to nurture pride  5 step to provide an excellence organizational environment  4 considerations to reinforce the value of individual contributions  6 requirements for investing in people  7 actions to display progress  6 steps to establish pride communication system  action process to measure your commitment to work  and more!< Less
FORMING A TEAM By James saylor
eBook (PDF): $2.50
This self-guided victory workbook provides a step-by-step process to form your team. It gives guidance on when to form or not form a team. The worksheet guides your team through: - Focusing on a... More > shared purpose - Orienting the team to each other and the team process - Recognizing the expected outcomes - Modeling a common process or methodology - and much more< Less