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Jennifer F Armstrong
Cross-border Migration: Zimbabwe - South Africa Exodus By Elvis A Masawi
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The tribulations and terrors of the Zimbabwean diaspora seeking economic sanctuary in South Africa.
Mathematics Reference Manual By M P Maraire
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This manual is intended to give assistance and designed to meet the needs of TVET students who are studying mathematics as a fundamental subject. The manual is user friendly, the presentation is... More > clearly presented. Contains guidelines on how to perform critical activities in mathematics. It complements very well most recommended textbooks. The concepts are well defined so that the information is logically presented and understanding is developed. The manual also equip the students with an understanding as to how things in the world work through mathematics. Language used matches the intended audience, with mathematical jargon kept to a minimum and explained thoroughly. The manual is completely self-contained, with all necessary mathematical background revised in the appendix section. Each chapter is designed to be modular, so the manual can be tailored to the needs of a Tvet mathematics course.< Less
Down the Memory Hole By Mike Ballard
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This is a mindscape, the stream of thought I had from February to November, 2016. Its form is such that one can open it at any page or place to begin, stopping at any moment or continuing from the... More > first word to the last.< Less
The Father Daughter War By Jennifer Armstrong
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Aftermath of the Rhodesian war. This memoir sympathetically looks at the driftwood of a father's experience of the Rhodesian life, through a lens of post-migratory fragmentation.
Insouciant Poems By Jennifer Armstrong
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Irreverant poems on history, Rhodesia, Zimbabwe, nationalist psychology and the past.
Minus the Morning By Jennifer F Armstrong
eBook (PDF): $9.49
When we were very, very young.... A study of white Rhodesian girlhood This was version ONE.
Minus the Morning By Jennifer Armstrong
Paperback: $17.63
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A study of love, life and loss, though the lens of post-migratory fragmentation
African Death & The Holy Trilogy By Jennifer Armstrong
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Like Tom, the hyena could be seen, soon lapping up the traces of the morning's spoils, ingesting the sweet carrion through its lulling glands, along the track it follows. Tom absorbed the air of... More > the explorers -- Sucked it down, ingested it. Until he was but a fractured remnant of the Western world -- Still part Africa, not yet civil, holy. He had no real home, not any more, yet he followed a dream, that will of an apparition; dream of a man with a raised and pointed spear. "That other life is not for you , Tom. " "Here you might breathe. . . ." the warm alcohol releases fears and dreams. " . . .If you must breathe at all" . . .< Less
Killing Substance By Jennifer Armstrong
eBook (ePub): $1.07
This poetic refrain explores the psychology of submissiveness: the rule of the father. There are echoes of Freudian psychoanalysis and Christian ideology, as the events underway as part of an... More > African exploration pound their way to conclusiveness. I had some fun with this, because I wanted to show what it is like to realize you are surrounded on every side, after you have been set up for sacrifice by others' whims.< Less
minus the morning (version 3) By Jennifer F Armstrong
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The Rhodesian war and then post-war situation, including sensations of physical and psychological violence.