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Articles by African Authors from I Hate Sunday, Olusola Akinwale The Garden of Edna, by Ken Kamoche The Proposal, by Akinyi Princess of K’Orinda-Yimbo Downtown Incidents, by... More > Steve Ogah You Smile, by Chika Onyenezi< Less
Obodo... My Fatherland By Ugochukwu Victor Ezeribe
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So as crisis married chaos, a catastrophe was conceived…. Although based on true life story but furnished in a classical decoy, ‘Obodo’ is told in a traditional village setting.... More > Obodo had become a ‘Zanga’ – a jungle of continuous crisis. Bature, the helpless visitor had sneaked in from the back gate and taken control of Obodo. Now the people were at his mercy but his death would even be of a worse fate to the people as things gradually fell apart. This book, was first written as a drama script in 2007 by the author during his National Youth Service in the title – ‘OUR FATHERLAND’ and it won the script of the year award at the NYSC National Cultural Festival, Abuja in 2007.< Less
Overcoming Obstacles: A Passion for Teaching and Living By Jackie T. Sistrunk
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Jackie Sistrunk, a national board certified teacher with 30 years’ experience, has put together this book of her favorite and most successful learning strategies. Why? She is most happy when... More > she sees or hears about strategies that have worked, as have hers, and wants teachers to break out of the paradigm of just doing what the textbook says and do things differently. Jackie has used these strategies successfully with all her students she taught, kids in grades four through seven, for the lowest scoring kids in her school, and for gifted students. She even used the Paideia Seminar at the community college where she taught.< Less
A Thorn in Her Life By Olatunbosun Adetula
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It was a day she prayed never to remember again, but it kept haunting her like a scary ghost. It became heightened whenever she saw Bath pictures. She could still remember the day vividly like the... More > back of her hand…< Less
Varlarsaga - Vol. 3 - Consolation By K S Mulholland
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The conclusion of the epic tale of Varlar:The World. Corin has discovered a map/manuscript that contains a tale of past ages and perhaps a key to his quest. Escaping the Hermitage upon the back of... More > Darkelfari, a beautiful jet-black horse, he makes his way through the wilds in search of his elvish companions. By ever-darkening ways and with the unexpected aid of a strange Wizard, he is reunited with the Elvish forces who are, at that time, hard-pressed by vast Goblin armies all along the coasts of the North World. When it seems all must perish, some are spared to break through to the ocean and the awaiting Elven armada. Defeated, yet unbowed, the Elves vow to regain their strength and come again, against an overwhelming foe. Yet for Corin, there is another trial to be endured. Far away with only Darkelfari as companion; back beyond the Northern mountains, to confront The Mighty Fear, buried in the deep ice of the forbidding realm of the Ice Giants.< Less
Meditations from Jenny Wren : II By Jenny Wren
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By JENNY WREN. Enjoy this first collection of devotional readings from Jenny Wren, who has penned hundreds of thoughtful meditations. In this collection she offers special help for those who have... More > lost a spouse and now face strong challenges to their faith.< Less
The Mystery of Creation, Destruction, and Natural Calamities By S.M. Zakir Hussain
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By S.M. ZAKIR HUSSAIN. Learning takes place when we make mistakes and then correct ourselves. God Himself wants us to learn in this way. However, when we cease to learn, there is nothing left... More > valuable in us. And when we do not contain any potential, we become fit for destruction.< Less
God's Man-Child By Jenny (Lois Blaschak) Wren
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Jenny Wren tells the heart-rending story of her mentally challenged brother, for whom she became loving care-giver in his last years of life.
Between Your Earlobes: A Personal Discovery of Treasures found while Living with Back Pain By Deloris Jenkins
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I felt God’s hand, strong in mine. We began a walk unlike no walk I had ever taken before. There would be times of anguish and pain but his rein would hold me tight. My body pain eased.... More > Having to let go and let God take over was just not like I had been used to doing, but now I had no other choice.< Less
Peace of Mind: Reflect, Smile and Laugh By Dr. Claude Shema Rutagengwa, MD
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The arrival of the Internet, television and telephone plays a key role in easing our daily schedules. Unfortunately, the time for smiling or laughing has never been an easy pearl to find. Refreshment... More > of mind seems to be as far away as the moon unless we do it from the school or any other sort of formal or informal training. As human beings, we need some important pillars at our side so that we shall be real human beings. Coping with stress, as a single way to stay pure and intact, is the only way that helps. Unfortunately this is not easy for all of us and the appropriate psychotherapy as an ultimate way to get out from the stressful state is extremely costly. Therefore, through our peace of mind, reflection and laughter, we are able to overcome all odds that trigger our hidden accumulated stress and fatigue to cause us troubles and impede our well-being.< Less