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Talking Things By Oryem Onguti Loguca
eBook (PDF): $5.00
This simple collection is meant to colour our daily talks, conversations and pass on some of the relevant proverbs to our children at school, workplace, churches and public places. Using proverbs in... More > our lives does not indicate we are outdated or unaware of current events and bound to antiquities. Spicing our talks with proverbs pays abundantly. Our well-known motivational speakers use proverbs frequently in their speeches to hook up with their audiences. Can you be one after reading this short book?< Less
This Child of Mine By K. B. Hartwell
eBook (PDF): $9.95
(1 Ratings)
BY K.B. HARTWELL. Born in the 1800's, judged by the color of his skin and not by the honor of his heart, his spiritless soul was not welcomed by white society. Forever branded, this man died for his... More > crimes of innocence. . . . No one would grieve the deaths of Jeb and Edgar. Black or white. Those two "white trash" had raped Violet Green. Jasper had to stop his friends-even if it would result in his having to testify against them. And possibly losing his own life and those he loved.< Less
Varlarsaga - Vol. I - Escape By K S Mulholland
eBook (PDF): $11.95
By K.S. MULHOLLAND. Varlar, so named by the first to sail her seas and walk her shores. Varlar, world of the elves: a mystery and a wonder. The earth, our own fair earth, fraught with many unknown,... More > unseen dangers; terrible and beautiful as the west-rising sun. Who then could say as to what lay in the darkest depths of her oceans, who guess that doom? And yet, upon a later time, it was foretold, 'The Nardred awaits Its moment to arise from the deeps; there to bring forth chaos, and the downfall of Varlar...'< Less
Bound to Tradition By Akinyi Princess of K’Orinda-Yimbo
eBook (PDF): $2.99
Erik watched her as she ate and talked. There was the little lady who had been tutored by some prim and proper English old maid in deportment, etiquette and what have you. Then there was the African... More > jungle side of her that had a savage nobility, an untainted edge, an unaffected grace and inborn dignity, an intensely reverent pride even in the way she said: Great ancestors. Coupled with her veiled, mysterious sexuality, she was an overwhelming enigma.< Less
Sunday School Lessons 2010 - God Is Faithful - Junior/Adult Level By Cindy Tamboso
eBook (PDF): $4.95
By CINDY TAMBOSO. Join CindyGirl as she helps teachers of Junior and Adult Sunday Schools present the Bible in exciting lessons and handouts.
I Will Lift Up Mine Eyes: 366 Daily Devotionals in Poetry and Scripture By Lisa DeVinney
eBook (PDF): $6.49
By LISA DEVINNEY. I Will Lift Up Mine Eyes is a book of responses, in poetry, to God’s precious Word. They are arranged in such a way as to encourage the reader to be daily in the Word of God,... More > seeking His wisdom, comfort, conviction and encouragement. Daily time in God’s Word will never be wasted time. And these short devotionals are a great way to take just a moment of each day to redirect the reader’s gaze back to where our help comes from…the Lord.< Less
Sunday School Lessons 2010 – Followers of God – 3rd – 6th Grade Level By Lisa DeVinney
eBook (PDF): $6.49
God has entrusted Sunday School teachers with the awesome privilege and responsibility to lead children to Himself, then help them mature as followers of Christ. This 26-lesson series can be a... More > useful tool in helping you, as one of those privileged few, to reach many young hearts with the Good News of Jesus Christ!< Less
Up on Cherry Creek By Jenny Wren
eBook (PDF): $0.00
(1 Ratings)
By JENNY WREN. Here we present for your reading pleasure a portraiture of Jenny Wren’s grandparents, parents, and the oldest three members of 'The Dirty Dozen' who were fashioned from a hardy... More > stock that was shared by the early settlers in Cherry Creek and Eastland, Tennessee.< Less
The Innisfree Poetry Journal 6 (March 2008) By Greg McBride (editor)
eBook (PDF): $0.00
(1 Ratings)
GREG McBRIDE (editor). Welcome to Innisfree 6. In this issue, we continue our “Closer Look” series in which we showcase the writing of an exceptionally accomplished poet, this time the... More > poetry of Eric Pankey. Eric’s eighth book, The Pear as One Example: New and Selected Poems, is due out from Ausable Press this spring. His first book, For the New Year, won the Walt Whitman Award from the Academy of American Poets.< Less
A Bond that Crumbled Tradition By Kenechukwu Obi
eBook (PDF): $12.96
(1 Ratings)
By KENECHUKWU OBI. An age-long tradition bars sons and daughters of the rich and the poor from inter-marrying in their land. Then comes this unexpected unique love that dares to challenge the... More > tradition with its guts of steel. This love yields a bond in the conflict which ensues. A bond that makes the reunion of two hearts, which are its source, inevitable; leaving the tradition with only an option it can't help but accept.< Less