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LEGACY origins of faith By Colin Knibb
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An adventure involving ancient knowledge stored for future generations by a mythical race and possibly an explanation to the origins of modern human faith. The main story is set in the nineteen... More > ninety’s. Evelyn Devonport recovering from a coma after a climbing accident suffers memory loss and strange dreams. Jamie Rutledge investigating WWI records decides to pay a visit to the 1920’s address of a Lt. Llewellyn and meets Evelyn. A letter from the British History Museum leads to the collection of a box belonging to her great uncle Llewellyn. It contains documents one of which is on the excavation of an ancient Mesopotamian Royal tomb. Investigation of Llewellyn’s notes and his travelling box, reveals a secret that leads to an even greater mystery. Mark and Rhian help Evelyn release the dark demons of her forgotten memories and the secret of her past lives. The climax involves a covert operation into Iran to a hidden valley.< Less
Genesis second dawn By Colin Knibb
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This the third book in the trilogy, the story delves into the mysterious past to find the origins of modern humans. Shenaka a hominid in the first dawn of prehistory makes a promise to free her race... More > from the will of the Gods. The early part of the story follows the discoveries of Denise Huxley, first as a student then as an accomplished archaeologist. As part of a team of researchers she helps develop a Simulation program that uses DNA profiles to investigate human origins. In what appears to be a sabotaged run a rogue gene is identified that implies a possible countdown to human extinction. In the climax Denise joins the enlightened ones and travels to the secret location of an ancient Mesopotamian tomb. There they break open a sealed doorway and journey down to a subterranean hall to find the Sphere of Destiny. Here the group must use the knowledge of the ancients to prevent the threat to humanities future.< Less
Childrens Activity Board Games By Colin Knibb
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When we were creating the layouts to our children's activity books in the mid nineteen eighties, we included a centre fold with a cut out board game to complement the story. *** Rattus... More > Norvegicus, The Furries of Castle Mound, The Chimney Worm, The Mouse with E.S.P., Rocket Boy, *** Nowadays with the availability of personal computers and colour printers,we thought it would be fun to put together this downloadable PDF file containing the board games from the original books. Our hope is you will find they will provide a source of fun, interactive play and added learning skills,for the children at home and at school. The stories that accompany the Board Games are reproduced in our book called Tower House & other children's stories.< Less
The Spirit of Gardening & the Countryside By S.M Knibb
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This book is about gardening and conservation of the countryside, the trends that shaped and changed them. It is also a personal tribute to the authors family and friends who she feels helped nurture... More > this interest. She hopes this book portrays not only a love for gardening and for our living environment, but more importantly the spirit of our ancestors, who left us all with a green-fingered legacy. The book includes many interesting aspect of gardening and the countryside. It is enthused with personal accounts of various people’s gardens. It journeys into the past to look at natural history, art and those ancestors that inspired our creativeness in the garden. In the book, the author looks at how her own interests in gardening and the countryside evolved. Growing up as a child in the nineteen forties in Hertfordshire, England, through education, work and joining as a conservation volunteer with a local wildlife trust.< Less
Wildly in Love By Shirley M. Knibb
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Lyn Simes feeling restricted in her job as a sales assistant in a large clothes store decides the time is right for a change. It has been a long ambition of hers to become a freelance writer. So with... More > the financial support and encouragement from her parents she buys a cottage in the hills of Wales. Whilst she is observing a pair of Otters, she encounters Jonathan Long a photographer. Their meeting is stormy but Lyn finds she is attracted to him, although he is outwardly hostile.< Less