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In Honour of the Artist By Danuta Błaszak & Anna Maria Mickiewicz
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This Polish-English collection of essays, poems and interviews, appearing to coincide with All Saints Day, is devoted to poets and artist who passed away but who live on in the memories of those who... More > stay, in their works and in the inspiration they offered to the next generations. Tomasz Niedokos< Less
Kosmos literatow By Danuta Blaszak & Anna Maria Mickiewicz
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Książka "Kosmos literatów" przedstawia kierunki i grupy literackie, które związane są z miastem literatów+++. Prezentuje również... More > współczesnych autorów oraz ich twórczość. Miasto literatów +++ to jeden z najstarszych polskich portali poświęconych twórczości literackiej. Na uwagę zasługuje fakt, że został powołany na emigracji, w USA, przez osoby prywatne. Strony internetowe na świecie rozwijały się bardzo szybko, dołączyły do nich autorskie, prywatne i wydawnicze, instytucjonalne. Zaczęło to być miejsce wymiany interaktywnej twórczości i myśli. Równolegle toczyła się dyskusja, czy nie stanie się tak, że internet całkowicie pozbawi prawa do istnienia wydawnictw książkowych, papierowych. Czy nie zastąpi książki? Trochę tak się stało. Dlatego też, pomysłodawcy portalu miasta literatów +++ postanowili poszerzyć swą działalność i założyli wydawnictwo książkowe, serię wydawniczą w 2005 roku, Contemporary Writers of Poland. Obecnie książki redagują Danuta Błaszak (Orlando) i Anna Maria Mickiewicz (Londyn).< Less
Mabinogion – wiersze szkolne By Barbara Osuchowska
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Mam zaszczyt przedstawic pierwszy tomik poetycki pani Barbary Osuchowskiej. Poetka pisze od dawna. Jej wiersze okolicznosciowe, satyryczne i liryczne znane sa w srodowiskach. Pani Barbara Osuchowska... More > mieszka w Warszawie, ukończyła studia polonistyczne na Uniwersytecie Warszawskim. W wierszach widoczna jest duza wiedza Autorki, znajomosć historii i tradycji literackiej, swoboda pisania i duze wyczucie jezykowe. Danuta Błaszak Dreammee Little City< Less
Group Home Recollections By Bianca B. Bird
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The setting is that of a group home, Orange Blossom Hope Center, organized for autistic adults who need help with their basic life skills. The stories are set between the years 2004 to 2009. It is... More > about the caregivers and their interaction with the clients of Orange Blossom Hope Center – those who tried their best to be happy. This book is written with respect for the residents and their privacy. This is the first time we enter the world of a group home for adults with autism and its different conditions which were so far surrounded by a barrier of unavailability.< Less
On Life's Path By Danuta Błaszak & Anna Maria Mickiewicz
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We are honoured to present a new volume of the Contemporary Writers of Poland series, a collection of short stories revealing diversity of styles, themes, and forms. Some of the most interesting... More > works are stories in which the borders between prose and poetry are blurred or non-existent. The stories reflect a variety of attitudes, some of which the reader may find controversial, however, they are all concentrated around one thematic axis "life is like a circle ...". The volume also includes longer stories by a group of London-based artists and writers connected with the Literary Waves portal. We would like to extend our gratitude to the contributors from both sides of the ‘pond’, Americans and Europeans, Poles and Polish immigrants, without whose enthusiasm for and cooperation in the present project would not have come to fruition. It is our great pleasure to present these selections for you to discover as we have done, these excellent contemporary writers from around the world.< Less
Legendary By Danuta Błaszak
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Legendary - Contemporary Writers of Poland. The book consists of two parts: Contemporary written words from our invited international guests. It is a pleasure and an honor for us to invite great... More > writers from all over the world to participate in the anthology. The second part: a piece of history of Poland after World War II. This book is dedicated to Leszek Szymanski, the legendary founder of „wspolczesnosc”, the first independent literature magazine published in 1956. His magazine was a Big Bang of freedom, word, honesty and wisdom published in a politically difficult time, in the chaos following the death of Stalin and Communism’s apparatus still dramatized its deadly power.< Less
Marzenia moje By Lilly Tangens
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Jolka, bohaterka książki, uwikłana w problemy życia codziennego, spotyka człowieka, który ma oczy koloru nieba. Czy Jolce uda się odnaleźć... More > szczęście?< Less
Oboje zbyt wrazliwi By Danuta Blaszak
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This is a love story, in Polish. A nice, heart warming story.
The Other Side of the Screen By Alicja Kuberska & Danuta Błaszak
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I’m glad that I may present the anthology The Other Side of the Screen, edited by Alicja Kuberska. This is an extraordinary publication showing a diversity of literature, its subject matter,... More > and form. The book’s title explains much and suggests its origin. It all started through the Internet from meetings on Facebook, which in some cases grew into friendships. This book is based on Alicja's poetic travels, summits, and engagements. Danuta Błaszak - Editor of the series Contemporary Writers of Poland< Less
Flying Between Words - Contemporary Writers of Poland By Danuta Błaszak
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Editor of the book - Anna Maria Mickiewicz and Danuta Blaszak Editor of the series "Contemporary Writers of Poland" - Danuta Blaszak This new volume Flying Between Words published by the... More > Contemporary Writers of Poland is a unique anthology, a collection of poems, short stories and memoirs, dedicated to aviation. The writers try to go beyond the stratosphere, to look through the eyes of poetry – as pilots, as navigators. They approach alien planets that may evoke our fears but also allow us to question the mundane and ponder our existence. They go into a state of poetic weightlessness, which becomes a unique creative challenge. Many of the works in the collection refer to dramatic moments from history, in which – inspired by universal values – aviators played a significant and heroic role. Anna Maria Mickiewicz London 2015< Less