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Television has raised writing to a new low.
Married to Madness By Devin Shane
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Brandon and Zack Cerasani’s marriage hasn’t gone unappreciated by either in over a decade. They raise their children, care for their home, and love philanthropy work. They also moonlight... More > as vigilante killers behind each other’s backs too. Brandon fell into her hobby when she took out a murderous maniac who brutalized her nearly to death, but soon the bloodlust spilled over into everyday living. Zack, however, has seen his fair share of dismembered body parts in service of his country and a pastime of killing in the name of righteousness. Things come to a head when Zack discovers that his wife walks a fine line between justice kills and cold-blooded murder. So what happens to a man of honor when he crosses paths with a psychopath he has given his last name to? Well, murder, mayhem, and madness wrapped in a chaotic thing called love ensue. “It’s like Soul Food meets Dexter.”< Less
Cin' City By Devin Shane
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Ethan Pride is a billionaire genius as well as an alcoholic that’s married to five women simultaneously. He takes us through his journey of love, pain, and life with five wives.
The Candy shop By Shontaine , Devin Shane
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The candy shop is a colorful look at doing it and doing it, and doing it well!