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Gemini By K S Wright
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Eleanor’s life with Robert and their six year old daughter Quinn was happy and settled ... or so she thought. Then Quinn’s behaviour changed from that of a happy-go-lucky little would-be... More > princess to a withdrawn, timid little mouse. What could have had caused such a transformation? When Eleanor’s loving husband disappeared, an awful secret was revealed ... a secret which would turn Eleanor’s world upside down.< Less
It Had Its Moments By David Whitehead
Paperback: $5.79
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Here is a record of the first sixteen years in the life of David Whitehead, from his earliest memories of growing up on the streets of East London to that fateful day in 1975 when he decided to cut... More > short his grammar school studies and go out into the big, wide world. At NO time does he take himself too seriously.< Less
Head West! Issue Two By Ben Bridges
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Issue Two of Piccadilly Publishing's HEAD WEST! magazine contains a variety of articles, features and stories devoted to the western genre. We have fiction from J T Edson, Ray Hogan, Neil Hunter and... More > Tony Masero, a look at the western genre in Germany, courtesy of Alfred Wallon, Linda Pendleton's intriguing history of the California Gold Rush, plus author profiles of Laurence James, Peter McCurtin and Marshall Grover. Over 100 pages, fully illustrated throughout ... it's a magazine no serious western fan can be without!< Less
Head West! By Ben Bridges
Paperback: $6.89
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The first issue of Piccadilly Publishing's new western-themed magazine, HEAD WEST! contains something for all lovers of the genre! Edited by Ben Bridges, there are interviews by David Whitehead, a... More > feature on creating Piccadilly Publishing covers by artist supreme Tony Masero, a personal take on the western by Linda Pendleton, a behind-the-scenes look at PP's first western movie, VERMIJO, by director Paul Vernon, and fiction from the likes of Jake Henry, D. M. McGowan and M. James Earl. Fully illustrated throughout, this is sure to become a collector's item!< Less
The Wrong Revolution By Steve Hayes
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Eric Grantley went to America to become a big movie star. When that didn't work out, he looked around for something else to satisfy his need for adventure, his desire to play the hero. He found it in... More > the Cuban Revolution -- or so he thought. As soon as the young British ex-patriot arrived in Cuba, he discovered the awful truth about life in a war zone. And after that, Eric would never be the same ...< Less
The Grantley Saga Volume 2 By Steve Hayes
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TOGETHER FOR THE FIRST TIME ... The final four volumes in Steve Hayes's remarkable semi-autobiographical record of a world at war, seen through the eyes of a young boy. Eric starts Grammar School ...... More > and enters a whole new world, where his social status and relative poverty mark him out as a target for the richer boys. Closer to home, he unwittingly alienates his next-door neighbour Jennifer, and his best pal, Douglas. And Roger, whose heart murmur has rendered him unfit for active service, reaches a decision that isn’t only life-changing ... but could cost him that very life, if it all goes wrong ... Meanwhile, Eric’s sister, Elaine, meets Glenn Huston, an American serving in a British tank regiment. Despite the best efforts of his doctors, however, patriarch Carl continues to waste away in hospital.< Less
Vermijo By Nelson Hunter
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When their no-good brother was killed in a gunfight with a young drifter who was just passing through, the sheriff and deputy of Vermijo, Arizona Territory, gathered a posse together and went after... More > the killer. But they weren’t interested in justice. They didn’t even want vengeance. No—they figured to use the drifter as an example to keep the rest of the town in line. Unfortunately for them, an old man had other ideas … and when a startling secret was revealed, so did the town itself!  NOW A THRILLING MOTION PICTURE DIRECTED BY PAUL VERNON! Includes an exclusive Photo Gallery from the film!< Less
African Encounter By Steve Hayes
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Many years ago, a friend of Hollywood screenwriter Steve Hayes had traveled to the Virunga Mountains of Africa, to see the gorillas there. She had looked into the eyes of a giant silverback, and it... More > looked back at her without malice or guile but instead questioningly -- as if it too was engaged in the moment, the wonder of meeting a fellow creature who might be a distant relative. The feeling she experienced was nothing short of spiritual, and Steve was hoping for something similar. But the trip was not without its dangers, for Congolese rebels regularly waged war in the region. Then a fluke accident led to a chance encounter with Dr Robert Odoki ... Robert had devoted himself to healing the sick of this poverty-ridden country, and the two men hit if off immediately. Traveling the road to Bwindi together, seeing Africa in all its moods, they were to forge a friendship that neither expected.< Less
Flame and Thunder By Ben Bridges
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It stood to be the biggest oil well in the territory … provided wildcatter Bud Bishop could bring it in before his lease ran out. But the Irishman wanted to make sure he didn’t. Then he... More > figured to move in, take ownership and keep all the spoils of Bishop’s hard labor for himself. So Bishop’s backers hired freelance fighting man Carter O’Brien to keep Hugh Quillan’s bullyboys off his back long enough to get the job done. But the closer it came to the deadline, the harder Quillan started to play. Finally, with the odds stacked against him and the threat of a full-scale war about to bust wide open, O’Brien—himself still healing from a previous assignment—did the only thing he could. He made sure his guns were loaded, and then set about fighting back.  < Less
Showdown in Canyon Diablo By Steve Hayes
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Canyon Diablo offered Lute Latimore a fresh start ... provided he could live long enough to enjoy it! The plan was simple--go to work as a deputy for his brother Heck, who was town marshal. But... More > Canyon Diablo was a hell town with a reputation for chewing up lawmen, and though Lute had just served ten years for a killing, he too became a target as soon as he pinned on the star. Then there was Heck’s wife, Ellie ... a woman Lute still loved and would always love... and Heck’s daughter Marley, who was a mite too forward for her own good.They complicated the ‘simple’ plan still further. Then one night a fusillade of bullets wrecked Lute’s plans altogether, and suddenly a new trail beckoned him ... a killing trail!< Less