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Deb CarverOwens
Poems to the Lord Notebook By Deb CarverOwens
eBook (PDF): $0.00
A collection of poetry that will uplift and inspire. There are praise poems, comical poems, Story poems, and all of them to the Lord in a attitude of praise.
Black Seven By Deb CarverOwens
eBook (ePub): $7.99
Makayna tries to get the other scientists to listen to her while at the same time with the help of the chief security officer, Rejnor Phelpson, she tries to find her father. Sylar is planning on... More > threatening planets with the Energy Extractor used as a weapon to get power and riches. 1509 AD A young indian maiden, Venetta, who has visions sees a strange symbol on the wall of a cave. It is a horizontal straight line with a vertical line coming down from it. In a flash of light, she is taken to Kanah by an alien. Beware when the five waters rise and unite to form your world's end. 2009 AD Mallory is a college student who lives in Manistee Michigan and is on home for summer break. She goes for a drive in her car and sees a cave that she didn’t remember being in the area. She encounters Ben Stillmah and tells him about the cave. Can they find a way to stop this device if it is activated? Will the evil usurper of the Kanian throne find out how to start the machine and threaten Earth with it?< Less
Experiences In Fishing By Deb CarverOwens
eBook (ePub): $4.99
This small work is a summary of some of my fishing experiences. This book is all in fun, but, if some of the suggestions seem logical to you, please use them. We will be covering subjects from the... More > fundamental baiting process to the sophistication of pulling a hook from various parts of the anatomy. We will also touch on ways to untangle fishing line from rods, reels……and various parts of the anatomy.< Less
Life's Like That By Deb CarverOwens
Paperback: $6.28
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Life's Like That is a collection of 49 poems about everyday life and some occurrences that happen. There are poems that are humourous, tragic, love poems, and just sometimes poems.
Life's Like That By Deb CarverOwens
eBook (ePub): $6.99
This book of poems was written right after I met the man with whom I would spend the rest of my life, Lord willing. Most of them are about love and such, however, some of them are of life’s... More > everyday happenings, disappointments, elations, and comical adventures.< Less