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The 5th Age of The Tree of Life Project: The Project's Source and Purpose. By Dennis J. Foley
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This book is one of a series of books presenting a single body of knowledge and history, which shows a Plan and Project operating in it, one spanning at least the last 5,200 years from 3150 B.C..The... More > series of (7) Age Templates are each 780 years in length (1560/2), and have proceeded in the 'One through Seven' sequence and progress. We are in the late stages of the 7th Age, which I believe is the Final One of 'Knowledge'. This Book is about the Project's 5th Age, and in it I present not only the 'Tree of Life' Program but other Calendars, all with spans astronomy based, along with the reveal of the True Christ. In deed, this Book was nearly sub titled 'The True Christ Revealed'.< Less
The True Christ Revealed and His Space Age Relevance By Dennis J. Foley
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This Book is to introduce to the world the hidden true story and facts about the Man who became known as Jesus. The main sources of this alternative and I think much more accurate reveal of the True... More > Jesus were and are as ancient as the 1st century A.D., in the very life time of Jesus Himself, and certainly by 70 A.D..The oral lore was written down in later times and secretly retained by monks, some of whom wanted to confuse and discredit the truth. Jesus and His whole family were not from Jewish origins as is the false narrative....< Less
America's Activism Periods From 1611 to 2007: A Cycle Study. By Dennis J. Foley
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In this history cycles study, I focus on America’s history of activist and terrorist events, from English and Colonial times, to 2007. In the Cycle Study of the history data, the issues and... More > politics of the activist and terrorist events, even their sometimes off shore origins, are not discussed, as they are here not relevant in this study. The Cyclical 'ebb and flow' of events, occurrences, is. Can be used as a history source as all of the date are very reliable. My view is that activism and terrorist acts are not caused solely by the religious, political, national, or economic and social issues and stresses, but occur in regular 'ebbs and flows' of this kind of human energy, in cycles or ;time fractuals;, cycles which accelerate or slow, harmonically. These cycles do change in span or length over time, but do so 'harmonically'. They are what I have termed and defined as 'time fractuals'. Cycles in nature and in us natural human beings that we are? It seems it is a 'forbidden subject'.< Less
The Unusual Life of Dennis J. Foley; Or, 'Just Another Day'... By Dennis J. Foley
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The unusual life of Denis J. Foley is an auto biography by the author of "The True Christ Revealed,and His Space Age Relevance" and other books. The book includes para normal experiences... More > and events I have experienced. A learning experience for me, and perhaps for you,too!< Less
America's Book of Secret 'Formations' and Dark History By Dennis J. Foley
eBook (PDF): $6.95
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The aspects and 'guide lines' for creating a 'Terrorist Formation', a Pentagon usually, of 'Signature', 'Cadence', and the 'Twin Hits' to form 'the Base' of the Star, or Talons of the Eagle,... More > introduces this book. The origins of '911' as a number and a Norman date included only this book. "The Normans would be proud of me this day", said President Bush 43 at the United Nations. The Table of Contents....... The Introduction and Definitions. The Founding of the Republic. The Founding of Texas, 1836. Capital City of the South. The Life Span of Adam. The Four ‘K’s, the Peace Makers. The JFK Assassination Trinity. The Roman Jewish Wars. 09-11-01 and Osama Bin Laden's Pentagon. Al Zaqahari's '09-11- Pentagon. The ‘9th Day of Av’. The ‘322’ and ‘43’. Benazar Bhutto, Lady of Liberty! The 'April 19 to May Day' Formation. The Significance of the Years 406 A.D. and 911 A.D.! The Bibliography.< Less
Are Cycles In America's History Predicting World War 111? America's War Peace Cycle History From 1686. By Dennis J. Foley
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The cycle format treatment of the more than 300 years of American military history, is unlike any thing done on the subject! And, the dates are Source level. History's dated events are used as... More > 'data'...describing the regular rise and fall in war and peace periods. As they accelerate over time and change harmonically, they become 'time fractuals' rather than simply 'cycles'. The Cycle projections have been proven correct since 2002. The projections of the dominant cycles of today, reveal urgent results...< Less