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Hyperborea - the World of the Illuminati
Trump: The American Moses By Tom Strabo
eBook (ePub): $5.62
Our nation is being held in bondage by the liberal, politically correct establishment. We need to get our country back from "Pharaoh" (the Washington D.C. elite). We need an American Moses... More > who will tell the crony priesthood of talentless moochers and looters, "Let my people go!" Is Donald Trump the prophet for our time, the leader who can bring America out of its exile in the Wilderness and lead it back to the Promised Land? America was great once, and it can be again ... provided we get rid of the weak, pathetic liberals who wreck everything they touch. Liberals are the cause of the Decline and Fall of America. They are the last people to recognize that their craven weakness in the face of anti-American forces and cultures has led to the complete erosion of the traditional American way of life, which was the basis of American exceptionalism. The liberals have ceaselessly sinned against our manifest destiny. They are the problem, and we are the answer. They are the defect, and we are the correction.< Less
The Book of Mind: Seeking Gnosis By Dr. Thomas Stark
eBook (ePub): $7.03
Discover how ontological mathematics explains telepathy, homeopathy, out-of-body experiences, near-death experiences, the placebo effect, déjà vu, jamais vu, reincarnation, demonic... More > possession, enlightenment, the afterlife, the soul and God. When scientific materialism and empiricism is replaced with scientific idealism and rationalism, everything about science changes. Mind replaces matter as the basis of existence. Reason and logic, not the fallible human senses, become the means to discover ultimate reality. The Principle of Sufficient Reason and Occam's razor replace sensory experiments as the route to reliable knowledge. A universe of spacetime only is replaced by a universe of spacetime AND non-spacetime. Non-spacetime is an immaterial frequency Singularity, which serves as a Cosmic Mind. The Cosmos is a hologram inside the Cosmic Mind, just as a dreamworld is a hologram inside your individual mind. Are you ready to overcome the reducing valve of human consciousness and expand your mind to the maximum?< Less
Unreal City: The Strange Disappearance of Reality By Mark Romel
eBook (ePub): $7.03
It's finally happening. Reality is disintegrating. The Age of Nihilism is dawning. Fake news, post-truth, post-facts, alternative facts, "everyone has their own truth", the Dunning-Kruger... More > effect, Mythos, hyperreality, hyporeality, virtual reality, virtual irreality, simulation, simulacra, the copy without the original, the map that precedes the territory, the authentic fake. Whom will you believe? Whom will you trust? Who is telling the truth? Who is lying to you? It's time to explore the Unreal city, the Unreal world. Soon enough, humanity itself will be Unreal.< Less
Donald John Trump: The American Akhenaten By Tom Strabo
eBook (ePub): $5.62
Why does the American establishment hate Donald Trump so much? Why are the great and the good so terrified of a Trump presidency? It's because Trump, like Akhenaten, the heretic Pharaoh of ancient... More > Egypt, opposes the old political gods and priorities, the old elites, the old ways of doing things. Everything will change under Trump. Akhenaten, one of the most extraordinary figures in world history, was hated by the priestly establishment that controlled Egyptian religion, hence Egypt itself since the Egyptians were such a religious people. The Pharaoh's power was constrained by the priest caste. They were his chief advisers, his administrators, and those who convinced the people that he was the closest thing to the gods themselves. Akhenaten did the unthinkable. He overthrew the old gods. All of the priests of the old order lost their power and influence. America now needs revolutionary thinking. It needs a heretic. Only Donald Trump can be the new Akhenaten.< Less
National Capitalism: How to Save America By Tom Strabo
eBook (ePub): $5.62
In any nation, there are only two types of capitalism: capitalism that's good for the nation, and capitalism that isn't. National capitalism means that everyone in the nation profits from capitalism.... More > No one is left behind. Global capitalism - the prevailing form of capitalism in today's world - destroys nations and their people. Global capitalism is totally contemptuous of the nation state, and is solely about maximizing the profits of the stateless, global elite, who will go anywhere, and screw over anyone, to get the highest returns. National capitalism, by contrast, isn't about Wall Street. It serves Main Street. It guarantees that everyone in Main Street gets richer. National capitalism involves continuous investment in the people. The people are always the focus of national capitalism.< Less
Identity and Lifestyle: The Forces That Drive the World By Mark Romel
eBook (ePub): $7.00
You build your lifestyle around your identity. Your identity is your fate. You are what you do, and you do what you do because of your identity. What you do constitutes your lifestyle. Most people... More > are so busy with their lifestyle that they fail to consider whether or not their lifestyle is helping them or hindering them. You optimize yourself through having an optimal lifestyle, but how do you decide what lifestyle is best? Most people drift into lazy, easy, convenient lifestyles - acceptable to their peer group - that guarantee they will fail in life. Changing your lifestyle involves changing your identity, and that is the most difficult thing possible for average people. They don't have the will. Don't bother talking about changing the world unless you are in the business of destroying old identities and lifestyles, and creating brand new ones. As soon as you try to change a person's "sacred" identity, you are at war with them. Are you ready for the mother of all wars?< Less
The Insanity Wars: Why People Are Crazier Than Ever By Joe Dixon
eBook (ePub): $7.03
We are locked in the Insanity Wars. The world is not plagued by undead zombies, but by very much alive lunatics. They don't lurch around aimlessly. They busily make fake news, they laugh at experts,... More > they ignore anyone with qualifications, they produce alternative facts and parallel realities. Madness is their trade, and they're very good at it. Derangement is now the most profitable business in the world. If you're not demented, you're not trying hard enough. You need to get out more. Modern culture is an Insanity Generator. Social media is relentlessly magnifying hysteria, faith, mysticism and irrationalism. No one could claim that today's world is straining every sinew to promote reason, logic, critical thinking, understanding and knowledge. It's zealously doing the exact opposite. Knowledge is out, experts are out, logic is out. They're not profitable. They don't sell. There's no audience for them.< Less
Regatta De Mort: The Mad God By Ranty McRanterson
eBook (ePub): $7.03
To do honor to a strange and mad god, any book about him must be strange and mad too. This book is a Dionysian tale, part fact, part fiction. Its purpose is to disorient, to disrupt, to open the mind... More > to radical new possibilities. Do you want to be visited by strangeness and madness, to have your mind expanded as never before? Then let the insanity begin. Welcome to the Extraordinary World, the sacred space, the space where the most solemn and ineffable quest takes place, where humans at last encounter the gods face to face. Are you brave enough? Are you crazy enough? The sacred is never found in the ordinary, familiar, normal world. Normal people cannot show you it. Only the special ones can enter it. When they return, they are at a higher level. Only then are they qualified to say sacred things, extraordinary things, the things that none of your neighbors could ever tell you.< Less
Freedumb and Dumbocracy: Libertarians, Dogs, Goyim, the Internet, and Last Men By Ranty McRanterson
eBook (ePub): $7.03
"I may not agree with you, but I will defend to the death your right to make an ass of yourself." - Oscar Wilde Thanks to the likes of Wilde, the world is now overrun by asses. The Pope of... More > Fools has been unleashed to preside over the Dumbocalypse. No one needs to burn any books these days since no one reads any books. That would require intelligence and effort. Who needs such things in this time of the internet, the domain of cyber idiocy, of the global moronocracy? Every day on social media is a feast of fools, a bonfire of the inanities. We're never far from the sadding crowd. Those whom the gods wish to destroy, they first give a Facebook account. The Pope of Dopes is elected at the Dinner of Dunces. The internet ought to appoint its Troll King of the Day, its Cyber Idiot, its Clown Prince, its World Wide Pleb. Plato thought it insane to entrust power to the mob. He compared them to a bunch of drunks on a party ship, a pleasure cruiser for dummies, sailing to its inevitable doom.< Less
Donald J. Trump: The American Pericles? By Tom Strabo
eBook (ePub): $5.62
To understand true democracy, we need to go back to the people who invented it: the ancient Athenians. The greatest champion of democracy was Pericles, one of the most remarkable figures in history.... More > What can we learn from Pericles and ancient Greek culture? Donald J. Trump is no Pericles. However, he is a political outsider, and not part of the Washington D.C. establishment. We need a change. Any change at all is now desirable. It's time for democracy to take a great leap forward, by revisiting its Athenian past!< Less