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Cooking the Books - a cartoon humor book about idioms By Diana Huang
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Idioms are sayings particular to a language and culture. They are baffling to language learners of all ages as they are encountered in casual conversations, read in books, heard from radio,... More > television, and film. Idioms are everywhere. Enjoy these 32 cartoons that were drawn, and colored by pencil, from an ever growing list collected over the course of a year. May interesting ideas and conversations grow from looking at this book.< Less
The Elemental Horses - 12 Things to Remember By Diana Huang
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Twelve colorful magical horses need riders. It was a toy, a teaching device and a tool for dire times. Which one would you ride? 12 Things to Remember book introduces the 12 horses. Each horse has... More > a real Chinese word for a name. If a kid learns the names and personality of each horse they have learned a Chinese word. It is for both Chinese and non-Chinese children. *For kids who are too young to read, it is to be treated like a picture book with the parents describing the artwork to them. The reading level of all 4 books is 3-4 grade and up. When kids reach 3-4 grade, the stories they read have less and less artwork as they are supposed to be able to have strong imaginations. That is a problem for those with weak vocabulary. People who struggle with language rely on visuals to help them understand what words mean. It is also to get kids who do not like to read, to read about the interesting artwork they are looking at.< Less
The Elemental Horses - Axis Mundi By Diana Huang
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The family of magical carousel creatures has gotten bigger as an entirely new carousel team has made itself known. What can they do? What are they going to teach us? Come and meet them to find... More > out. This is the fourth book in The Elemental Horses series. It introduces a whole new set of 12 animals that have real Chinese words for their names. The two carousels combine their powers as they take on the big challenges facing our world with courage and intelligence.< Less
The Elemental Horses - Cohesion By Diana Huang
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Part 2 of the Elemental Horses series dives deeper as each horse interacts with the children that come to them. Each horse has magical powers and this book shows off their powers as they each... More > interact with a different child rider. Every horse is different as is every child is different. What happens between them is what this book is about. It is meant to encourage self reflection as each reader thinks about the relationships they can have with each horse. It is a fantasy/science fiction children's story & art book that introduces elements of science as well as Chinese language and culture and explores the imaginations of young people.< Less
The Elemental Horses - Flight By Diana Huang
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The carousel is threatened by the world it was meant to help. Can the modern world be trusted with the secrets the horses protect? This is book 3 in the series. The themes get more serious as the... More > horse and rider pairs goes out into the world to try to fix all kinds of real world problems like the superheroes that they are. This is for older kids who have been exposed to current events like the things they see on the news. It is to help them reflect on ideas such as good and evil, confronting fears and other emotions.< Less