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The Publications of Derek McDonald
The Warriors of Ragnarok By Derek McDonald
eBook (ePub): $3.06
William and Brian are two average bar buddies you’d find sitting on stools at any tavern in any town. One night the pair have the same dream – a nightmare that would send them into the... More > seedy underworld of their city to discover the source of it. What the two men find could change the course of our civilization forever! The buddies might make you laugh, but what they find will terrify you. Question is: Will it really happen… or is it just a dream? This is a novel involving Norse mythology, horror, mystery and some good old fashion laughs rolled into one. Open the pages and discover a theory of what really manipulates man's destiny.< Less
Train of Consequences By Derek McDonald
eBook (ePub): $1.55
Imagine when you die that your soul doesn't go to Heaven or Hell, instead it goes to a place called "Terminus". It is in Terminus where your soul awaits the train to eternity, number 666:... More > "Consequences Limited". Your seat in the train is chosen based on the sins you have committed through life and in this train, First Class seats are not the ones you want! When it is your turn to pass to the afterlife and the conductor, ‘Skelonian,’ comes to collect your ticket… you better have it ready! A short story based on a nightmare that the author had; you are invited to take a ride.< Less