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Cupping Therapy for Asthmatic Children By Tamer Shaban
eBook (PDF): $2.99
The first aim of this small book is to give the reader a brief introduction to the topic which includes: asthma, complementary medicine and cupping. This brief introduction is updated by the recent... More > information regarding this topic. The introduction is not a part of the thesis. Then, It gives a brief summary of the thesis which was discussed in 2010. The summary is organized and mixed with many new illustrations to make the topic easier for understanding. The second aim of this small book is to help and motivate researchers in the field of integrative medicine to conduct new large scale randomized trials to provide scientific evidence regarding the safety and efficacy of cupping. The third aim of this small book is to provide a hope for parents with asthmatic children which should be converted by policymakers to action plans and treatment programs.< Less
Cupping Therapy Encyclopedia - New Edition 2018 By Tamer Shaban
eBook (ePub): $9.99
This e-book describes the history, methods, and techniques of cupping therapy and provides practical educational advises for cupping therapy home use and professional practice. It provides a new... More > classification of cupping therapy types, cupping therapy sets, and a classification of cupping therapy adverse events. It looks closely at issues of mechanism of action, side effects, treatment programs, and safety. It contains many clear illustrations.< Less