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The Apprentice Journals III: Kimikin By J. Michael Shell
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Her mother is Star, World’s only aneke’lemental. Her biological father is the Finished Apprentice Thirest, inhabited now by the light of Spearl the Historian. And though she looks like... More > a human teenager, within her sleeps a power far stronger than that of both her mighty parents combined. Meet Kimikin; a fun-loving kid who is running away from home. But something is stalking her—something ancient and greedy to tap her power. Follow along as Kimi falls out of World and into BorderRealm; land of perpetual night. Join her as she becomes a Rover of the Clan Fiereste, and meets the lover she literally can’t live without.< Less
The Biracial Butterfly By Lennox Benson & Hari Conner
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This story is set in Skyler’s imagination as he reflects on his identity and explores the heritage of his parents. Skyler, the narrator, is a spunky and sensitive soul-surfer. He voyages into... More > the depths of his mind, assembling the pieces of his cultural jigsaw through musical rhymes and colourful imagery. Imani, his mother, is a charming character full of wisdom. She enjoys yoga and clay modelling. She has a ‘zen’ personality. Travis, his father, is an adventurous spirit. He enjoys rock climbing, wake boarding and paragliding. Their yin and yang natures balance each other well and Skyler has elements of both. This is his story.< Less
Imperial Youth Review 3: The Giant-Sized Sex Issue By Chris Kelso et al.
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Imperial Youth Review returns, tackling a very big issue with . . . a VERY big issue. Years in the making, this colossal, cubist perspective on sexuality features not only never-before-seen work by... More > William Burroughs but contributions from Violet le Voit, Annie Sprinkle, Tom Bradley, Jeff Burk, Jennifer Robin, Collette Torres and multitudes more. From space bear sex to a loving reflection on BDSM life, from a portrait of polyamorous divorce to an analysis of midget porn, we have travelled through space and time and beyond the grave to bring you our Giant-sized Sex Issue—the beginning of a new era.< Less
Over the Rainbow: Money, Class and Homophobia By Nicola Field
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First published in 1995, Nicola Field’s Over the Rainbow confronts the political contradictions in the LGBT+ movement and contains one of the earliest first-hand accounts from the frontlines of... More > Lesbians and Gays Support the Miners, featured in the hit film Pride. Written at a time when LGBT+ people enjoyed increased visibility but faced continued discrimination and assault from conservative governments, Over the Rainbow sets an agenda for resistance rooted in class politics and shatters the myth of a unified LGBT+ ‘community’. Including fresh material, this expanded edition considers the impact of Pride and the challenges ahead for LGBT+ activism in the 21st century. Nicola Field, an original member of LGSM, is a London-based writer, artist and activist. She has written for Diva, Socialist Review and Ambit; exhibited at the V&A and the British Film Institute; and spoken on political platforms internationally.< Less
The Apprentice Journals: Gemini By J Michael Shell
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Amethyst eyes—red-violet gems—glow with her passions. Impatient fire tangled in her fingertips wants to grow. She wields it weld-hot and pulsed to go. A terrible beauty, a magnificent... More > menace, the flame in her mind is turbulent and blinding. What she cannot have will calm her, so she settles for pain instead. Petulant girl, invincibly fragile, her rainbow bleeds into the storm. And she’s coming! You’ve followed Pearl and Spaul’s adventures in The Apprentice Journals. Now meet their aneke’lemental daughter Starshine. She’s a little feisty! Join Star and her human brother Spearl as they fight dastardly Masons, farm forbidden lectrics, and threaten World itself with the Linea Clipses. Riding the lines from Smith’s Crossing, you’ll discover the dark secret of Star City (Old Tara), the mysteries of Thirest’s tomb, and the dangerous jealousies that arrive with the New Apprentices. Things are heating up! Join the sizzle!< Less
Endless Running Games By Gareth Durasow
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Endless running games are the distractions we play when we have time to kill. Through our onscreen avatars, we leap over obstacles and trample our enemies. The longer we survive, the harder the game... More > gets; the faster the obstacles, the closer the enemies. These are poems for the console generation. Poems for those of us with time to kill, and about those who killed in their spare time. Inside, you'll find the likes of Captain Ahab, Edward Kenway, Ellen Ripley, Hector of Troy, Priss, Anakin Skywalker, Bob Hoskins, and the eastern European girl who sounds too good to be true but keeps sending you emails anyway. You'll find the ghosts of Aubrey Beardsley, Arthur Rimbaud, Antonin Artaud, Geoffrey Hill and Jeremy Clarkson—an eclectic cast who riff on culture both high and low. Each character haunts the poems, each plosive throws glassware at the walls.< Less
The Bride Stripped Bare By Rachel Kendall
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Finally bound into one collection, twenty three stories of creation and mutation. From twisted fairy tales and grubby nights to circus freaks and insect bites, these tales of depravity reveal the... More > bride in her most scabrous form. Sein und Werden editor Rachel Kendall runs ISMs Press. You can find more of her short fiction in Cabala and in Women Writing the Weird.< Less
punkPunk! By Andrew Hook
Paperback: $18.40
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This eclectic mix of stories shows punk is not simply a static component of history, but a process of evolution and revolution which extends from the heady days of 1976 right into the now. Are you... More > ready to jump into contemporary punk-inspired fiction? It’s not a nostalgia trip.< Less
Women Writing the Weird II: Dreadful Daughters By Deb Hoag
Paperback: $18.78
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Inside, you’ll find a wealth of short stories featuring iron-willed heroines, soul-shredding monsters and hilariously misguided buffoons. Despite the vast differences in plot, circumstance and... More > voice, our main characters all share one feature: they are women – mothers and daughters, sisters, midwives and waitresses, heroines and traitors, cold-hearted huntswomen and decadent goddesses. Inside these pages, you’ll find some of the very best writers of weird fiction, including Merrie Haskell, J.S. Breukelaar, Nicole Cushing, Sandra McDonald, Janett L. Grady, Victoria Hooper, Tantra Bensko, Rachel Kendall, Roberta Chloe Verdant, Amelia Mangan, Alex Dally MacFarlane, Michele Lee, Deb Hoag, Janis Butler Holm, Nancy Collins, Sarah A.D. Shaw, Lorraine H McGuire, Nikki Guerlain, Peggy A. Wheeler, Aliya Whiteley and Charie D. La Marr.< Less
Volwys and other stories By Douglas Thompson
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Two centuries from now, humans' unchecked environmental pollution will have provoked a new ice age. Amid the ruins of the city of Volwys, a bio-dome is under construction to protect a privileged... More > elite, while the peasants outside live in mediaeval squalor, facing gradual extinction as the planet cools. Only one man alive remembers our world, having been kept alive by genetic manipulation by the mysterious 'cherubs'. The cherubs are frequent visitors at the court of the ruler: The Wolf King, who is guarded by bird-headed soldiers. Rrio is plagued by nightmares and visions as he attempts to uphold his odious regime by interrogation and torture. As his consciousness disintegrates, he comes to realise that the rebel leader each of his victims speaks of holds a fascination that may unlock the enigma of his own soul. This edition also includes nine acclaimed science fiction short stories published over the last ten years in magazines and anthologies.< Less