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Eon Legacy- Players and Game Masters By Robert Rankin
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Eon Legacy, A Role Playing Game, with simple and powerful systems that give both the Storyteller and Game Masters full control of the universe with simple guidelines and templates and the players... More > full control of their characters. Contained in this book are the Basics to Character Creation (Including Original Character Races, A Template for Custom Character Races, Original Classes, and all the standard gear one needs to play the game), Various systems for Combat and Interaction, Basics to designing entire worlds and Non Player Characters, Standards for Vehicles, Power Frames, Guides for structure and adventure, and a Slew of samples to use. Limitless action and adventure all at your fingertips! Art and even a simple D10 system have been added for those who like to roll!< Less
Copyrighting and Publishing Made Simple By Robert Rankin
Paperback: $8.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
In a world of constantly changing media trends and unending original content springing forth from the brilliant minds of millions there is but one way to defend one’s work in coaxial age (A... More > copyright). This small and potent book will set you on the path to that defense. Know it is dangerous to go alone but you will have THIS! Here are the basics to get your work protected and marketable. The author has compiled his experience from over ten years of publishing and condensed into a neat little book for anyone to start on the path of copyrights and publishing. Contained within: ~What kind of proofs and copies you should have before getting your work read to submit. ~How to get your work ready for submitting to get a copyright. ~Where to send the works you want to copyright (USA, Canada, UK, and Australia). ~Some basics on your rights. ~The most common E-Publishers. ~A brief on Trademarks and Patents.< Less