Author Spotlight
Easy Cash Part 1 By Ero Lulz
eBook (PDF): $12.50
(1 Ratings)
Maryann and Annetta need to come up with a lot of cash quickly and they heard about the "Nightclub fights", two girls pinned against each other, the winner gets all the money thrown at the... More > stage during the fight, this might just be the solution to their troubles, planning to stage a fight and share the profits they rush to the club right away, but soon things start going off the script!< Less
Nightclub Fight By Ero Lulz
eBook (PDF): $10.00
(4 Ratings)
On amateur night the club allows any woman to try her skills at the pole, but when two of them jump at the stage at the same time things are about to escalate quickly!
The Contest By Ero Lulz
eBook (PDF): $9.90
Sandra and Estella are both magnificent dancers waiting for you to decide who will get the main spot at the upcoming show and none will stop to make sure their chances are the best.
The clover and the mask By Ero Lulz
eBook (PDF): $17.66
Jennifer the Irish clover is back for her final showdown now against the Masked fighter, will she be able to complete her vengeance? or will she fall to the clutches of the champion?
The Clover and the Star By Boob Colosseum
eBook (PDF): $14.50
The Irish Clover stalks keeps pursuing her plans of vengeance to restore her pride and gain back her orgasms, now is Tanya's turn to face the Irish redhead!
The Clover and The Rose By Boob Colosseum
eBook (PDF): $12.50
Jennifer "The Irish Clover" has enraged Nicole "The Spanish Rose" and challenged her to a private fight on the gym, no spectators, no referee, no rules! It's Clovering time! in... More > this 20 pages long punishing comic!< Less
Catfight at the Club By Boob Colosseum
eBook (PDF): $24.99
We all witnessed the amazing battle in the padded arena between Donna and Joan, former girlfriends, who spectacularly fell out after Donna lost her apartment fight versus Tanya. In this blonde battle... More > Donna scored a big win against Joan and was crowned the new catfight champion, Helen even joined in the punishment of the loser Joan. However if you think this is the only friendship that broke up in the volatile and aggressive world of female catfight professionals, well, you are wrong...< Less
Blondes Fight Part 3: Punishment By Boob Collosseum
eBook (PDF): $24.99
The vicious fight has finally come to and end and the loser gets ten full minutes of merciless punishment spread eagle against the wall, no need for further details! CHECK IT OUT NOW!
Blondes Fight Part2 By Boob Colosseum
eBook (PDF): $19.50
Donna and Joan keep fighting relentlessly n the padded arena! will one of them give up? Check out part 2 of this vicious fight right now!
Blondes Fight By Boob Colosseum
eBook (PDF): $19.90
(2 Ratings)
After the apartment catfight between Tanya and Donna where Donna was soundly trashed by Tanya and Tanya collected the 30'0000 $ winner prize nothing was ever the same between Donna and her friend... More > Joan. Donna felt that Joan should have prepared her better for the fight and also should have interfered when things got really bad for her and Tanya really scratched up her big tits. Therefore Donna carried a big grudge against Joan and she also felt perhaps Joan herself was not such a good female fighter after all, although Joan had defeated Helen in the padded arena and made Helen pay dearly for her loss. FIGAMAPAR and Lykamo bring you a new fight in the padded arena! with 17 pages and 22 images on the first part of this savage fight between the two big chested blondes! Don't miss out!< Less