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‘Living in the past. It’s always said pejoratively, as if the past is necessarily inferior to the future, or at any rate less important; nobody’s ever condemned for looking... More > forward, only back. But the truth is that we live in the past, whether we like it or not. That’s where our life takes shape. Somewhere ahead, however near or far, is the end. But behind, shrouded in clouds of forgetting, lies the beginning’. This book about Scarborough IS unashamedly about looking back from the first mention of Scarborough in 8000 BC to the present day. It is not a formal history; rather a miscellany of interesting facts culled from many sources stretching back over the years.< Less
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Ruth Brennan, born into abject poverty in the City of York at the end of the 19th century, develops into a character of great courage, passion and determination, possessing a more indomitable spirit... More > on every turn of the page, as she desperately tries to flee the demons of her past. Follow Ruth on her epic journey from birth and early carefree schooldays, through the tragic loss of her parents and cruelty suffered at the Orphanage, before fleeing to make the long, arduous trek toward the coast in search of work. But, by chance, along the way, she stumbles upon a small hamlet set in the very heart of the wild, untamed beauty of the North Yorkshire moors where, at barely sixteen years old, she finds true friendship, religion and love.< Less
It's heavy so it must be good By Ren Yaldren
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The author, Ren Yaldren (nee Irene Cardwell), was born in 1946 in a typical Lancashire cotton-mill town. The country was just beginning to emerge from the aftermath of the Second World War and life... More > was a day to day struggle for many people. Cars were few and children had more freedom to roam It was an age of innocence and discipline. By the 1960s, the tide was beginning to turn against the drabness of the post-war era, as the young people became teenagers. There was a music revolution, which led the country into the ‘Swinging Sixties’. Skirts got shorter and hair got longer: fashion became more colourful and outrageous. Education standards increased and for the first time in history, a university education came within the reach of young people from working class families. This is the story of the author's journey through these changes.< Less
Our Old House By Constance Pummell
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An intriguing insight into the social history of an old house built on St Nicholas Cliff, Scarborough and brief outline of the Accommodation trade touching three centuries. It demonstrates how styles... More > changed through the years to meet the visitors’ social standing, financial status, and expectations. "The only certainty in life is change." Connie Pummell was the daughter of a Grocer, growing up in West Yorkshire and assisted in the family business from a young age. After leaving Secondary Modern School she studied and attained qualifications in the Bakery Industry in both the craft and technical. She adopted Scarborough as her home after being attracted by its beauty and special magnetism, and found her niche in the hotel trade of which she enjoyed for over 45 years.< Less
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I’m a Yorkshire lad born and bred but have moved around the country with my work. My first job was with Barclays Bank. I served my National Service in Aden with The Prince of Wales’ Own... More > Regiment of Yorkshire. I met my future wife, Barbara in Dover and later, married and moved around the country then finally settled in Shropshire in a village near Shrewsbury. By then I had left the Bank and eventually took a job with the MoD which I held until my retirement. Since then I have written bird walk articles for the Bird Watching magazine. In addition, while working in Surrey, I learned to fly in a Tiger Moth at the famous Biggin Hill. Later when we moved to Shropshire I took up gliding at the Midland Gliding Club based on the Long Mynd. Sadly, Barbara died and I put together a book of her “Quirky Tales” that she had written for the local newsletter and all the money made from the sales went to the MS Society.< Less
The Lemon Tree By Terry White
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This book is one man’s journey through life, from a time long ago, to a now much different future. There are a few sad times but through the pages laughter is never far away. Terry White was... More > born and has lived most of his life in Scarborough, although he spent ten years working and living in Gibraltar. Married with two children and three grandchildren, Terry spent all his working life in the building trade. After a tragic house fire affected Terry he turned to poetry. Over the last twenty five years he has had numerous poems published in newspapers, magazines, and anthologies of poetry, all to critical acclaim. He has recited his poems on radio and many appear in his earlier book, ‘Where the Reflecting River Flows’. Terry now concentrates on creative writing.< Less
FREE TRADING IN ROBIN HOOD'S BAY 1600-1840's By Dennis Crosby
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A local history study of Free-Trading, or smuggling, on the North Yorkshire Coast. This book looks at the involvement of the inhabitants of Robin Hood’s Bay in the trade and it’s... More > influence on the lives of future generations of one of its families.< Less
CRAZY BUT TRUE! By Valerie Lumb
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Looking into the world of animal rescue in which I am very interested, these are just a few of the interesting stories that have happened over the years which I have selected. Most stories are about... More > cats but some, in the earlier days, included those arising from my job driving a taxi. The income from this did help meet Vet’s bills! When the two worlds came together the results could be, to say the least, interesting, and with the occasional encounter with what did seem to me to be ghosts, perhaps I could be forgiven for wondering if there really are things that “go bump in the night!” And throughout all of this, the main thing that has always been in the forefront of my mind, is the real importance of kindness to animals and giving consideration for their welfare. Any profits that sales of this book might make will go to Animal charities so, please be generous and consider buying copies for future Christmas and Birthday presents!< Less
50 YEARS BEHIND BARS By B. John Ruckley
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This is not a life story, just some of the stories from my life. Some stories never leave you and forever live on in their own right long after the moment passes, or the people you celebrated... More > enjoying time with, are long passed too. This little collection contains just some of my stories; ones remembered, ones told to me that can be repeated, and some of those that I have regaled people with; often on more than one occasion as some will be swift to remind me! Of course! John John< Less
Don't Worry - It's One of Ours...! By Pat Yelland
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Pat Yelland shares her memories of experiencing the Second World War, living near to Birmingham, which suffered its share of bombing. Despite these harrowing experiences, she remembers a happy... More > childhood, with parents who were fun- loving and caring towards her and her brother. After a move to live in Bridlington, she met Michael and they married and eventually had two wonderful boys, David and Paul. Michael worked for a bank and their life involved moving around Yorkshire, Humberside and further afield. Pat relished the chance to make new friends and threw herself into each new experience with gusto. When Michael eventually retired, they took the opportunity to travel around the world, taking in numerous destinations, both world-wide and in Europe. Now settled near York, she looks back fondly on her life and reflects how lucky she has been to have had so many experiences and meet so many fascinating people.< Less