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50 YEARS BEHIND BARS By B. John Ruckley
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This is not a life story, just some of the stories from my life. Some stories never leave you and forever live on in their own right long after the moment passes, or the people you celebrated... More > enjoying time with, are long passed too. This little collection contains just some of my stories; ones remembered, ones told to me that can be repeated, and some of those that I have regaled people with; often on more than one occasion as some will be swift to remind me! Of course! John John< Less
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I’m a Yorkshire lad born and bred but have moved around the country with my work. My first job was with Barclays Bank. I served my National Service in Aden with The Prince of Wales’ Own... More > Regiment of Yorkshire. I met my future wife, Barbara in Dover and later, married and moved around the country then finally settled in Shropshire in a village near Shrewsbury. By then I had left the Bank and eventually took a job with the MoD which I held until my retirement. Since then I have written bird walk articles for the Bird Watching magazine. In addition, while working in Surrey, I learned to fly in a Tiger Moth at the famous Biggin Hill. Later when we moved to Shropshire I took up gliding at the Midland Gliding Club based on the Long Mynd. Sadly, Barbara died and I put together a book of her “Quirky Tales” that she had written for the local newsletter and all the money made from the sales went to the MS Society.< Less
The Girl Survivor Collection By Lizzie King
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These six stories are all set in different times and places. They are very loosely based on fact. Six girls with hidden strengths; all facing hardship and all determined to survive. Rahenna ... More > never felt she ‘belonged’ so marriage offers a means of escape;  Dimti was born to dance – to become a Sacred Dancer. Hesta was born into slavery and her mother keeps her daughter’s beauty and healing gifts hidden from the world.  Wolfstar. At her birth the Shaman chose her name and destiny – to defend and protect her people.  Songbird.  No-one knows her name; the seven-year-old is found traumatised and mute.  Her past is gradually unravelled and when a miracle cures her voice all hell is let loose; Princess. She’s feisty and stubborn; too feisty for her husband’s family so they decide to tame her; All my characters and events are pure imagination and I do love to weave a little myth and magic into my stories.< Less
'CAN I HAVE A WORD BOSS?...' By Phil O'Brien
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Written by an ex-prison governor, this book describes how a battle of wits goes on between the governor and his quarry. This can be dangerous for the unwary and those more orthodox.Each plots the... More > downfall of the other and learns as they develop and mature. A professional reputation is made on the one hand; the ability to source drugs and weapons and plot escapes, on the other. Prisoners being allowed to set a violent agenda serve neither the public interest nor the public purse. We need informers but they are rarely admired. Nevertheless, this book demonstrates the role informers have to play in keeping the public safe. No prisoner rehabilitation can take place whilst the violent minority rule the roost. Born and brought up in Bradford, an advert for a career in the prison service caught Phil O'Brien's eye. He applied, was accepted and in his forty year career he went all round the country into every type of prison. He retired as a governor working in both the public and private sectors.< Less
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Ruth Brennan, born into abject poverty in the City of York at the end of the 19th century, develops into a character of great courage, passion and determination, possessing a more indomitable spirit... More > on every turn of the page, as she desperately tries to flee the demons of her past. Follow Ruth on her epic journey from birth and early carefree schooldays, through the tragic loss of her parents and cruelty suffered at the Orphanage, before fleeing to make the long, arduous trek toward the coast in search of work. But, by chance, along the way, she stumbles upon a small hamlet set in the very heart of the wild, untamed beauty of the North Yorkshire moors where, at barely sixteen years old, she finds true friendship, religion and love.< Less
Our Old House By Constance Pummell
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An intriguing insight into the social history of an old house built on St Nicholas Cliff, Scarborough and brief outline of the Accommodation trade touching three centuries. It demonstrates how styles... More > changed through the years to meet the visitors’ social standing, financial status, and expectations. "The only certainty in life is change." Connie Pummell was the daughter of a Grocer, growing up in West Yorkshire and assisted in the family business from a young age. After leaving Secondary Modern School she studied and attained qualifications in the Bakery Industry in both the craft and technical. She adopted Scarborough as her home after being attracted by its beauty and special magnetism, and found her niche in the hotel trade of which she enjoyed for over 45 years.< Less
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Bill Wilson studied in a number of fields including civil engineering, theology, philosophy, organisation theory, behavioural science and education.He has practiced professionally as a civil... More > engineer; an ordained clergyman; a lecturer in adult higher education; and finally as a Principal of a Further and Higher Education College. Bill believes that all human beings behave and find fulfilment consistent with their inner ‘world-view’, that is, what we believe about the meaning and purpose of life and any ‘god’ who oversees it all. His early ‘world-view’ was that of classical Protestantism. But as his education developed and he engaged with the wider world he became unhappy with the expressions of faith passed down in the creedal formulations of the Church in favour of the bottom-up enquiry of ordinary people. For Bill, meaningful religion must address the issues on the minds of the population today, people who live in a rapidly changing world, rather than those living in the fixed static world of yesterday.< Less
Jeremy (A Noisy Child) By Jo Yaldren
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A Children's story about Jeremy, A VERY noisy child, by Jo Yaldren, illustrated by Flora Milner. The book describes Jeremy's escapades and him meeting a mermaid. It is fully illustrated in colour.
The Principles of Spiritualism By Sandra Grufferty
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As a holistic health practitioner, balance of the mind, the body and spirit is important for ourselves and those we touch upon. This, my second book, makes reference to "The Seven Principles Of... More > Spiritualism," and how I try to use them in my daily life. It is not always easy to maintain the faith, trust and love when life’s challenges slap us in the face. As long as we keep trying to do the right thing, that is what counts! Choose to be mindful and live in the moment. Planning for the future with the knowledge that sometimes the universe may grant the future with a twist. We may get what we planned for in a different way! In reality, all we have is the present moment. A present from the universal creator, who many refer to as God. I hope this book inspires and helps people become the best they can be and creates a sense of peace, connection and love, within and upon those they touch upon. < Less
SCARECROWS By William A Hutchinson
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During his lifetime William (Bill) Hutchinson always had a fascination for Scarecrows! He lived in Scarborough, North Yorkshire (above) for many years and took up writing poetry at least 60 years... More > ago. Sadly, he died in 2015. Whilst he wrote about many topics and his widow Margaret still has over 1000 of the poems he wrote, a good number of them feature Scarecrows. The poems in this book are a very small selection and the book has been published, in his memory, by Margaret who still lives in Scarborough. Bill was born in 1927 in a small mining village a few miles from Doncaster and he and Margaret married and moved to Scarborough in 1955. During his working years he had various occupations but during his free time he got out his notepad and pencil and penned new poems - a selection of his Scarecrow poems are published in this book.< Less