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ELE101 By José Deluna & Pablo Romero Luis
Paperback: $15.77
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Nowadays everyone agrees that the number of young guitarists who has music reading habits has decreased. As a matter of fact, this decline in music reading is the main cause of the lack of a solid... More > music foundation . Unless we take it seriously and adopt some measures, we will not be able to change that tendency. So then, what could we do to encourage flamenco young guitarists and the upcoming generations to make a music habit of reading? If you are thinking how to start learning flamenco guitar, then here you are a complete and effective method which covers the main topics at this stage. Definitely, by following the lessons and the pieces of advice of a quali-fied teacher students can be sure their going to get the most from their talent.< Less
ELE001 By Deluna y Romero
Paperback: $15.55
Prints in 3-5 business days
Welcome to this unique method addressed to everyone who wants to get involve into the fla-menco guitar world. This book is a collection of Children’s Songs. A collection of childhood favo-rites... More > integrated into flamenco music vocabulary and rhythms. It is not an easy task to enjoy and have fun along the learning process of an instrument and not to lose its rigour. Since this book first appeared, a new generation of guitarists has inadvertently stepped up the assault on learnign an instrument by having fun and enjoying at the same time. A complete method that strengthen the innate po-tential all children have to concentrate on a given task. Definitely this book will help the student to practice concentration and maintain good balan-ce and posture.< Less