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Lessons in the School of Prayer By A. T. Pierson
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The genesis of this book is very simple. Having occasion to prepare a special address on "Prayer," it occurred to me to collate and compare all the words spoken by our Lord himself upon the... More > great theme, as it had often been found that His teachings upon any given subject, when so combined, constitute a consistent and harmonious whole—a body of doctrine, singularly comprehensive, and symmetrically complete.< Less
Genesis, Volume Two By Milton Jones
eBook (PDF): $9.25
Moving from four important events in the first eleven chapters, Genesis next entertains four important people. By the far the most important is Abraham, followed by his son Isaac. This volume seeks... More > to understand the relationship which these men enjoyed with God. We must also account for God’s redemptive purpose in establishing an elect race of people. Along the way there is great value in appreciating the application of God’s dealings with men to our own walk of faith.< Less
Equipping for the Pulpit Ministry By Milton E. Jones
eBook (PDF): $6.50
Never in the history of the Church has the ministry been more complex and demanding than today. This author is of the persuasion that certain critical philosophical concepts are being lost in the... More > press to prepare preachers for the organizational and operational aspects of the ministry. Mechanics are overshadowing motive. Precept is being subjugated to pragmatism. Success has become more important than faithfulness to truth. In such an environment, the greatest losers are not the ill-prepared preachers but the saints who depend upon those preachers for spiritual leadership. For this reason, the principles of this volume are set forth. Every effort has been made to be practical as well as philosophical.< Less
Designed to Endure By Milton E. Jones
eBook (PDF): $6.50
Of all of the assaults made by Diabolus upon the town of Mansoul, one of the most heart rending has been his attack upon the citadel of marriage. Nothing is under greater attack today than the... More > home. All the forces of an evil world are marshaled against the values that make any society strong. Education, the media, entertainment, and even religious sectors of modern culture have joined together to assault the nuclear family. The pressures are profound. The very definition of the home is being called into question by the changing mores of society. We must do all we can encourage the success of the family. Biblical principles are the answer to the deliemma faced by modern families.< Less
Second Peter, A Devotional and Expositional Study By Milton E. Jones
eBook (PDF): $6.25
The Epistle of Second Peter is intensely practical. The progression of thought follows an often repeated pattern in Christian experience. The first obstacle encountered in the believer's life is... More > immaturity. Lack of spiritual growth is the plague of the Twenty First Century Church. The only answer to the problem is growth in grace into a truly fruitful life (Chapter One). Once the believer becomes serious about his spiritual life and begins to hunger for the Word of God, he faces a new danger. False teachers prey upon eager hearts and often lead the uninstructed astray. Great care must be taken to detect and avoid false teachers (Chapter Two). The final difficulty addressed in Second Peter is the discouragement a militant believer suffers in the battle for truth. The cure for discouragement is the realization that Christ is coming (Chapter Three). Peter's second epistle addresses these issues with principles that require consistent application.< Less
Malachi, An Expositional and Devotional Study By Milton Jones
eBook (PDF): $7.25
The issues of spiritual leadership, marriage, and prophecy are as pertinent today as they were in ancient Israel. Malachi addresses these subjects with fervor. This exposition is a careful and... More > extensive analysis of the text with useful application to the Christian life today.< Less
Psalms, Volume One By Milton Jones
eBook (PDF): $9.49
It is my firm conviction that the Psalms can and should be exposited. The reverent approach to Scripture demands careful exegesis. What the text says is far more important than what I say about... More > the text. Exegesis gives rise to xposition, an effort to understand the structure and argument of the text. All of this sounds terribly academic and can be very dry unless we add the third element, application. Scripture must be honestly applied to the life of the believer. Application is the intent of God in giving us His Word. Since the Psalms are quoted more often in the New Testament than any other portion of the Bible, the need to practice the art of exposition in the study and proclamation of this important portion of the Word of God is self-evident.< Less
Basics for Baptist Believers Student Manual By Milton E. Jones
eBook (PDF): $2.50
Few would question the importance of discipling new converts. The problem lies most often in the logistics of actually getting the job done. There are a number of discipleship programs available from... More > various groups. For those of us who are Baptist by conviction many of those programs leave much to be desired in terms of certain emphases. Further complicating our discipleship efforts is the fact that most discipleship materials were written some years ago and presuppose a background knowledge of the Bible that is hardly realistic in our day. An attempt has been made to look at the discipleship process through the eyes of a new believer. I have attempted to pose the questions which would most likely occur to a new believer. I have further attempted to arrange those questions in the order that they are most likely to occur. These lessons are written in order to lead the new believer to the Bible for the answers to his questions.< Less
Leadership Paradigms By Milton Jones
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This study focuses attention upon the only true source of authority as well as upon the huge responsibility for the use of delegated authority. It will also burden the heart of godly leaders for an... More > accountability yet to be rendered at the Judgment Seat of Christ. Godly leaders must come to understand who they are leading, for whom they lead, and how to do so effectively.< Less
The Divine Enterprise of Missions By A.T. Pierson
eBook (ePub): $8.99
Though written one hundred years ago, this classic volume on the still important subject of missions is a must read. Pierson carefully addresses the critical issues of missions philosophy with... More > scriptural candor and solid exposition. Further, he draws together historical threads of the Philadelphian period of church history to present a thrilling record of what God did in this wonderful age that defined modern missions. No student of missions can afford to miss the information or Pierson's understanding of the events and their impact upon the cause of Christ.< Less