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Gerry Cryer
Maran Avdoniy : Murder : DCI Paul Catchpole Investigates By Gerry Cryer
eBook (ePub): $3.95
It should have been a straightforward case. In the early hours of the morning a body is found in the passenger seat of a car. It is quickly identified, and all that troubled DCI Paul Catchpole was... More > his lack of sleep. Then the connections are made. It’s a gang killing and the gang’s boss, the charismatic Maran Avdoniy, is Ukrainian, a gun runner, a trafficker and trader in women across Europe and the UAE. If catching him wasn’t already complicated someone is already hunting Avdoniy. Robbie Noakes of MI6, has built his career harassing Avdoniy, and he is determined to drive the case and Catchpole’s agenda. In a fast-paced thriller Catchpole chases his man from London to the Ukraine and then Dubai all the time hating being at the behest of MI6. His job is solving murders in London and putting criminals behind bars and not building Noakes’ career.< Less
Alexandra By Alexandra
eBook (ePub): $5.18
Alexandra: the research of a Ukrainian psychologist into women’s sensual fantasies. A Collection of over 50 subtly sensual fantasies It may be naughty, raunchy and exciting but this is also a... More > book that shows women how they can be empowered by their deepest thoughts. It is a book that every woman should read. In this anthology of over 50 subtly erotic fantasies collected from friends, and clients, and drawing from her own deepest thoughts she both exposes her life to a full and open scrutiny while offering all women a glimpse of their own sexual potential. Psychologist, fashion model, Ukrainian, happy in love, empowered and in control of her life and body and with degrees from Kiev and London, Alexandra is an expert in female sensual fantasies. As social psychologist, her focus is on the impact on social behaviours of women’s erotic and sexual fantasies.< Less
Blah Blah By Gerry Cryer
eBook (ePub): $5.02
To the outsider, Tommy leads a very, very successful life. Which it is, but it’s also dull. And lonely. He has much to say, but no-one listens. He has strong opinions, but no-one cares. He has... More > vibrant dreams, but no-one shares. A sense of humour, but no-one laughs. He wants to be a hero, but he has no-one to save. Instead, he immerses himself in a private world of desire, fantasy and adventure in an attempt to escape from his flat-lining life. Then he meets Scunt. She is young, feisty and deeply enthralling … and on the run from a violent pimp and the police. She needs help – and Tommy is there. Finally a chance to become a hero of his own life. And maybe hers. “A clever, funny and insightful romp through the mind of a world-weary, world-wary man who doesn’t really care about ‘political correctness’. Prepare to be offended!” “A 21st century man who just wants to be anyone but who he is, and do anything but what he does.”< Less
The Masterful Manipulation of George Cove By Gerry Cryer
eBook (ePub): $4.86
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Once Aleksandra Ponomarenko had been George Cove’s tutor at Oxford but now, twenty years since they last met, she is telling him a life story – his own. He knew already that one of the... More > greatest human tragedies of the 20th century, the nuclear incident at Chernobyl in 1986, was deliberate sabotage, but Aleksandra reveals that not only was his role pivotal in the catastrophe, but everything else that mattered in his life – his education, his job, where he lived, how he lived, who he fell in love with, and who he lost – was orchestrated by the unseen hand of a man called Bill Familiant of the British Government. George finally faces up to the truth about his past and addresses Familiant’s questionable morality and masterful manipulations, but he also gets the chance to build a new life – his own. With a second chance, will he be more successful? “A gripping novel of intrigue power and complex relationships. A poignant story tackling important issues about destiny and personal identity.”< Less