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Memoirs of a Houseboy: Gillibran Brown
Christmas at Leo's By Gillibran Brown
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The fifth instalment in the ‘Memoirs of a Houseboy’ series - I wasn’t looking forward to spending Christmas as part of a house party at Leo’s place to begin with. The booze... More > ban by my boyfriends had taken the lustre right off the party season for me. - What’s Christmas without a flagon of ale or a classy glass of fancy fizz? Boring! - A visit to my mother, on the day before Christmas Eve, did nothing to lift my mood. It triggered a welter of memories and emotions that made Christmas seem even less appealing. - Stuff the season of goodwill. - I just wanted to be left alone to brood. I wasn’t given the choice. I was spending Christmas at Leo’s, whether I liked it or not. It proved to be eventful in its own way. Details within. -< Less
Achilles and the Houseboy By Gillibran Brown
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Achilles and the Houseboy… If Achilles, ancient hero of the Trojan War, had worn proper footwear then Gillibran Brown, modern hero of the Domestic Empire, would get into a lot less trouble,... More > or so he believes. A kiss heralds the arrival of a most unwelcome and troublesome visitor who throws Gilli out of kilter with life and his men folk. Take another journey with houseboy Gillibran Brown< Less
More Fun With Dick & Shane By Gillibran Brown
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The houseboy is back Gillibran Brown returns with more day to day tales about life as a houseboy. Being a houseboy to two demanding men is no easy task. There’s more to it than first meets... More > the eye. Gilli has to be all things from chief cook and bottle washer to cleaner and gardener. When he’s good he’s very very good and when he’s bad…he gets a smack on the rump. You’re once again invited to step inside this houseboy’s world to spend a year in the company of Gilli and his men folk.< Less
Gilliflowers, Bonds of Affection, Memoirs of a Houseboy 2008 By Gillibran Brown
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Fasten your seatbelts for another round of domestic adventures with houseboy Gillibran Brown. In his own words: ‘think of me as a gay male version of Flora Thompson writing not so much about... More > Larkrise to Candleford as Arsehole to Breakfast Time. The BBC will never commission it as a series, but there you go, it’s their loss.’ Gilli walks, talks and quips us through another year with his beloved dictators Dick and Shane.< Less
Fun with Dick and Shane - Memoirs of a Houseboy By Gillibran Brown
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‘Fun with Dick and Shane’ introduces Gillibran Brown, a houseboy with the gift of the gab. Gilli shares a unique relationship with his lovers Dick and Shane. Based on Gilli’s... More > diaries the book deals with life love and consensual corporal punishment in a gay ménage à trois. Gilli’s observations and anecdotes are entertaining, sometimes hilarious and often moving. If you think this houseboy’s life might interest you, then welcome. Step over the threshold, but wipe your feet first, as he’s just polished the parquet. A funny, tender, insightful and sexy book about men in a discipline relationship.< Less