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The Company of Jesus By Dr Ken Baker
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This book is a study of the Gospel of Luke. More specifically, it is a study of the ecclesiology of that Gospel. It is written in an easy, devotional style and emerges from the ongoing life of... More > Ken’s local church family. It includes sermons, songs, prayers and poetry along with straightforward exposition of a Biblical text that characterises the life of the Company of Jesus as -in Ken’s words- “simple, mobile and urgent.”< Less
The Quakers and the Famine in West Cork By Dr Ken Baker
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In this lecture, we will consider the work of the Quakers in relation to the Potato Famine during the years 1845-1848 with particular reference to County Cork. There are a few preliminary notes to... More > make. First, just who were the Quakers? In answer to this question, we’ll investigate their origin and development in Bandon (as an important West Cork market town) during the last years of the seventeenth century and into the next century. Second, we must sketch a picture of what this area of Ireland “looked like” during the years just before the Famine and attempt answers to the question: “Why was the Famine of 1846 so catastrophic?” The historical and geographical context has been described as “An explosion ready to happen.” So we ask, briefly: why was this the case? Third: a mention must be made of the social positioning of the Quakers around 1845. The intriguing question must be asked: “How did this [relatively small] group create such an impact?”< Less
Dawn Chorus By Ken & Val Baker
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"A rabbi once told me that the right place to start reading the Bible was in the book of Psalms. It’s an interesting thought isn’t it? You might think to begin at the beginning, or... More > to first learn the historical story, or attempt to understand its high theology. So, why the Psalms? Because the Psalms operate out of relationship, and that’s where your walk with God begins. And continues. It’s also wonderful to us to consider that the Psalms were the prayer-book of Jesus. He knew its songs intimately, and in fact he quotes the book of Psalms more than any other book. The reason is that Jesus lived in a warm and constant relationship with Father God, such as I can barely imagine. But we want to imagine it! More- we desire to live it. It’s a life of happy trust; of constant awareness; and confident expectation. This little book is split into thirty short chapters with the idea of spending a month reading some of the Psalms, and seeking that relationship with the Father that Jesus enjoyed.”< Less
A Celtic Charismatic By Dr Ken Baker
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This book is a study of the spirituality of Patrick through his own writings, the Confession and the Letter. It is shaped as a series of thirty meditations which may be read in the course of a month,... More > including the author’s own reflections upon Patrick’s use of Scripture, and songs from the Carmina Gadelica. It is the author’s contention that Patrick can be fairly understood as A Celtic Charismatic, in his commitment to Scripture, his emphasis upon mission and in a lifestyle directed and empowered by the Holy Spirit. This book is intended as a conversation-starter, perhaps mostly with the Christians of Ireland, towards the recovery of a vital faith and vigorous response to the challenges of our day. “He who wants can laugh and jeer, but I shall not keep silent nor keep hidden the signs and wonders which have been shown to me by the Lord…”< Less
Four Radical Voices By Dr Ken Baker
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During the 18th Century, or rather overlapping it somewhat, four radical voices spoke out in Bandon, County Cork, creating a strong impression that has continued to this day. Though each voice came... More > from a (broadly) Christian context, they were sternly critical of the established Church, totally committed to social activism, and energetically engaged in bringing about change. In different ways they each paid dearly for their faith-stance. In this little book we examine the contribution of John WESLEY, William HAZLITT, Dean SWIFT and George FOX.< Less
Grace Notes By Dr Ken Baker
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A “grace note” is a music notation that the individual performer has to interpret for himself. Isn’t that amazing? Here’s the main melody (the composer seemed to say), and... More > sort the rest of it out for yourself! It’s like a parable for how to do life. There are general broad principles to follow, like the Ten Commandments, but the real fun comes in the grace notes, the extra bits that you learn to play by feel. The New Testament word is Charis. In modern Greek it’s the word for birthday present! Imagine that. Something you just don’t deserve at all, but which is rather nice and makes you smile inside. This is a prayer journal: that is to say, it’s a daily-collected random assortment of prayers, notes from books that I’m reading and reflections on my daily reading of the Bible. Some of these pieces made it into sermons, or even into magazine articles. Most languished in online blogs, until summoned into service into this little book of grace-notes. Hope you hear the song.< Less
This is BANDON By Ken Baker
Calendar: $17.71
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A collection of images from the West Cork town of Bandon, giving a quick sketch of the life there through the year (with a quick seaside visit to nearby Inchydoney Island in the summer)
The Liberating Anointing By Dr Ken Baker
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“God must build our anointing strong, so He can lay His glory thick.” (Alisa Hope Wagner) But what is the Anointing? In this little book, the author examines Isaiah’s prophecy (in... More > chapter 61) and makes the challenge that the anointing that Jesus claimed for Himself at the beginning of His ministry is ours too, if we are in Christ. In Christ, we come into a wonderful new liberty of joy and praise. It’s the anointing, that breaks every last vestige of our old slave-chains As Steve Brown put it, so boisterously, "You ought to live your life with such freedom and joy that uptight Christians will doubt your salvation." As we consider the aspects of this empowerment, my God indeed “lay His glory thick”!< Less
Handling Grace By Dr Ken Baker
Paperback: $10.33
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This little book is a series of discussion starters designed to accompany the Theology Lectures of Elim Academy, Dublin. It is written from the conviction that theology should be... More > "hands-on" and accessible, street-level, and centered in Grace, rather than "laying down the law." As Pope Francis put it: "Grace is not part of consciousness; it is the amount of light in our souls, not knowledge nor reason."< Less
Tiny Landscapes: The Joy of Intricate Purposefulness By Ken Baker
Paperback: $20.63
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A personal pilgrimage to discover the joy of intricate purposefulness, taken on an old IPhone 4 within a few steps of my back door