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Allan Graham
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Tom’s Mum, Lucy, having been arrested for the abduction and murder of Anaemic Ben, lies deranged and confused in a Harminster police cell muttering, ‘It was the witch!’ Desperate to... More > prove his Mum’s innocence, Tom and his friends embark on another exciting inter-dimensional adventure to the mysterious realm of Nephatimis – a World where humans have been created by the genetic modification of Neanderthals with the highly civilized Annunaki, inhabitants of the planet Nibiru. Can Tom outwit the ‘Curse of Amurabis’ - the possession of one’s soul by a fiendish djinn when forced to gaze upon the reflection of King Amurabis in the black obsidian mirror - and find Anaemic Ben or will he join his friends and the Royal children, Nampur and Zayana, to be hunted down and slaughtered as prey in the Royal Hunt? Has Tom got the courage to win this latest battle with the Devil for Eternal Infinity, or will Satan‘s power prove too strong as he sets the Devil’s Star on a collision course with the planet Nibiru?< Less
Tom O'Kell and The Shaman's Drum By Allan Graham
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Tom O'Kell is a special soul who, unknowingly, stands between the Devil and His quest for Eternal Infinity. The Devil will do anything in His power to destroy Tom and anyone else who dares to stand... More > in His way. Join Tom and his cousins, Emily and Jake, as they accidentally journey into The Otherworld via the beat of The Shaman's Drum. Who will be taken to the Land Of Nightmares by the sabre-toothed fairies,The Narcons? Can they overcome the demonic Bildrogs and Miradons as they cross The Graveyard Of The Damned? Will Gildrude, Magmuk and Humphag make a nauseating stew out of their flesh and bones? Can they save The Chosen One? Tremble at these and other monsters in this first Tom O'Kell adventure. Tom O'Kell the little boy with a big heart. Remember to check under your bed and leave the light on. You never know what is lurking in the dark corners of your mind.< Less
Tom O'Kell and The Papanuk By Allan Graham
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During a day by the seaside, Tom, Emily and Jake find a message in a bottle. Along with their friends, Mad Mick, Anaemic Ben and Agatha Sparrow, the Vicar’s daughter, they soon find themselves... More > in a dimension of Native American culture where only two tribes remain. The peace loving Chicuan Nation and the wicked cannibal tribe of the Kalamon, worshippers to their dark God - Kinta-Ketzel. The Great Magician, the Papanuk, lives amongst the Chicuan and has done since the beginning of time, healing the sick, exorcising demons and bringing the dead back to life. The Papanuk sees a vision of Armageddon coming to the Chicuan on the night of The Two Moons Kissing. A night when the crazy Kalamon plan to resurrect their evil skeletal ancestors for a final battle of slaughter against the Chicuan. Can Tom and his friends win this latest battle with the Devil, in his quest for Eternal Infinity, or will the Devil prove victorious? This isn’t a tale for the faint-hearted.< Less
Tom O'Kell And The Brotherhood Of The Jackal By Allan Graham
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Tom O’Kell & The Brotherhood Of The Jackal is a dark disturbing, surreal tale of Black Magic and a Totalitarian Government. Who are the Jackals? Where do the old people disappear to? Why... More > are there so few children? Who can you trust? Tom and his friends travel to the dark planet Nivlumen, twinned with Earth. Can they save Nivlumen from the Satanic forces of evil and thus save Earth from following the same fate? Can Tom win this latest battle against the Devil in His quest for Eternal Infinity? Join Tom and his friends in another dark adventure of mystery and horror that will keep you spellbound and guessing until the very last page. Nightmares guaranteed. Sensitive children beware, for this dark tale of magic could leave you psychologically scarred. You have been warned.< Less
Spirit By Allan Graham
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SPIRIT is a story of one man's battle with guilt and grief after the loss of his family. It is a story of one woman's selfless love, helping him to win this battle. SPIRIT will take your emotions on... More > a journey of sadness and laughter, of pain and love. At the very end, when the last words are spoken, you will be left in shock and disbelief.< Less