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A Panther in Your Dreams By Maya Khankhoje
eBook (PDF): $9.00
This is a dual language (Spanish-English) anthology of traditional and original international short stories for children and their parents. It aims to help parents and children bridge the language... More > gap. For example, Hispanic children might be proficient in English but not necessarily Spanish, while their parents might be proficient in Spanish but not English. This book is also suitable for the reader who wants to improve their bilingual ability. The style in both versions is simple without speaking down to the reader. Recommended for reading out loud at the family table. To children: Read these stories with your parents in English. Lean estos cuentos con sus hijos en español. Travel to distant lands. Viajen a lugares remotos. Above all, enjoy! Ante todo, ¡diviértanse!< Less
UNTITLED By Shanti Kumari Johnson
eBook (PDF): $11.83
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This is a first book of contemporary poetry by a Mexican-American dancer and choreographer, with one poem in Spanish. Shanti Kumari Johnson, whose grandfather was a freedom-fighter in India, and... More > whose Belgian grandmother was the daughter of European diplomats, gives passionate voice to her multi-cultural sensibilities. Her poetry is imbued with the open frankness that comes from an honest and lifelong search for truth, yet is mixed with a kindness and compassion for the recipients of that truth. With a background in philosophy and religion, Shanti Kumari has written a book that is sure to leave the reader with a new perspective about the social condition we all experience as we share the Earth we live in. -- Nalini Johnson< Less
The Neutronic Schemata: Beyond the Periodic Table of the Elements By Charles William Johnson
eBook (PDF): $18.75
In the literature of chemistry and physics much emphasis is given to the electrical neutrality of theone-to-one relationship of the proton and the electron, with the neutron tacked on as an... More > afterthought. But, the role of the neutron is evidently significant, although it is generally not mentioned whenspeaking about the properties and charatceristics of the elements. Those features and their determinationare generally reserved for the protonic and electronic counts (configurations). However, the neutron plays just as a significant role as the proton and the electron. The production of isotopes attests to this aspect of the elements.< Less
Land of My Birth By Dr. J. Mark Munoz
eBook (PDF): $12.70
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This is a wonderful book, by Dr. J. Mark Munoz, describing the plight of Filipino emigrants as they work abroad to escape corruption and hunger back home. While life is better for many Filipinos... More > abroad, this lifestyle carries many heartbreaks. This book will move you to action. “Munoz...weaves unadorned facts into an unapologetic account of the present socio-economic situation of his country. His exposure as an international entrepreneur contributes to his deeper appreciation of the land of his birth; that’s why his recommendations on where the Philippines can improve are...doable. Land of My Birth is good company.” - Michelle P. So, Managing Editor, Sun Star Daily Philippines< Less
eBook (PDF): $10.95
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The author examines the Goldbach Conjecture, a 262 year-old conjecture. It is impossible to prove the Goldbach Conjecture in the manner in which the theorists of mathematics have been demanding.... More > Instead of a resolution based on algebra, an explanation of the Goldbach Conjecture based on the numbers is required. In fact, this may be a simpler task than imagined until now.< Less
ANCIENT NUMEROLOGY By Charles William Johnson
eBook (PDF): $10.95
by Charles William Johnson. Ancient Numerology analyzes historically significant numbers coming out of the ancient reckoning systems based on speculation about the logic of numbers; how the numbers... More > might relate to one another through elementary mathematical methods. Numbers that appear in the ancient maya system are compared to the numbers that appear in the ancient kemi system. Such a comparison allows us to visualize the significance of intermediary numbers. The ancient day-counts of 260, 360, 364, and 365 days are taken into consideration in this light, along with other day-counts relating, for example, to the cycles of other planetary bodies in the solar system. Paperback. 110 pp.< Less
eBook (PDF): $10.95
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The author has chosen to explore the relationship between constants of proton mass (1.6726231) and neutron mass (1.6749286). The conditions of existence of the proton mass and the neutron mass are... More > determined by, or themselves determine, the existence of packets of energy (certain quanta of energy). The differences between those numerical expressions are significant.< Less
The Sound of Meaning: Comparative Linguistics of Ancient Egyptian, Maya and Nahuatl By Charles William Johnson
Paperback: $25.95
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By Charles William Johnson. When similar kinds of linguistic correspondences were perceived by William Jones in the latter part of the eighteenth century, between Sanskrit and other languages, such... More > examples were sufficient to convince scholars that all of those languages probably came from a mother tongue, the Indo-European language. Today, scholars seem unwilling or hesitant to accept the idea that the same laws of comparative linguistics may apply to ancient Egyptian, Maya and Nahuatl. The reason for this is quite simple: there is no historical basis for considering the possibility that the peoples of these different languages had any physical contact between themselves. This book attempts to show linguistic correspondences between these languages, and posits the notion that these cultures come from an identical source language.< Less
Paperback: $27.32
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Eventpoint CosmoGeography presents a distinctive interpretation of the formation, composition and development of the Earth’s geography. By examining the geographical layout of the Earth through... More > its eventpoints, the different levels, moments and relations of the Earth’s existence are examined in terms of symmetry and scalar proportion. The author, Charles William Johnson, feels that this book holds the key to knowledge that will prevent the extinction of the human race.< Less
Paperback: $20.97
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By Charles William Johnson. The Aztec Calendar: Math and Design explores the inner workings of the Mexican Sun Stone. The author analyzes the central meaning to the calendar as of the different... More > concentric rings which create its intriguing design. The knowledge about the calendar’s meaning and function has been lost throughout the ages. But, its design elements suggest a certain logic of numbers. These numbers reflect the orbital times of Earth and Venus, along with other day-counts and cycles of our Universe. The author explains how the calendar’s rings move in order to reckon the days.< Less