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H. David Whalen
FlowerField Murder: A Jake Smith Mystery By H. David Whalen
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The North County flower fields are a full rainbow of colors, overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The opened blooms swayed gently in the offshore breezes. The only factor spoiling the perfect postcard... More > setting was the murder of Charles Westway. Why was he beat to death with a hardwood Louisville Slugger, when the second body found, a sheriff's deputy was shot? The beloved television news anchor’s darkest secrets unfolded. The mystery expanded from San Diego to the streets of Hollywood and beyond, both physically and emotionally. Private Investigator Jake Smith hired by the jailed prime suspect’s Chicago attorney to find the truth. He knew his client was lying, but to what extent, murder? Westway’s neighbors told doubtful accounts of the night of the killings. Nothing added up. Nothing made sense. The police investigations stalled and the only hope to save the station manager left up to Jake Smith and his team.< Less
Diego Killer: A Jake Smith Mystery By H. David Whalen
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Born under a different identity on the streets of Tijuana, Diego Ortiz runs into trouble with his drug pushing boss. On the run, he illegally crosses the border into San Diego. Smart, but not... More > formally schooled, he finds a mentor and his life gets on the fast track. Upon his father figures death, Diego inherits everything and builds an empire. Only not one most people would not be proud of. After his murder, the investigating San Diego police detectives run into a myriad of alphabet agencies already deep into the underbelly of the Ortiz organization. Interdepartmental cooperation is not the norm. The monkey wretch is private investigator Jake Smith. Detective Stephen Lyle wants Smith's head on a platter. Though trying to stay under the radar, Smith learns and hides too much. Harassment, torture, jail, nothing can deter him. Forgery. money laundering, drug cartels, illegal alien smuggling, payoffs. The list is endless. Everyone racing to finish the puzzle. The question lingers as who has the final piece.< Less
Melvin Marcus: Violence Begets Violence By H. David Whalen
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Melvin Marcus is an evil man. Violence begets violence. Mel is miserable through his young life. Tormented and beat by bullies, too small to fight back. Once reaching puberty Melvin’s... More > physical characters change and he becomes a man too quickly. The story reflects the hardships of marriage and fatherhood as a farm worker in the Southern California desert. From there Mel goes on to become a police officer then solder. Jail and homelessness only exacerbated his iniquitous behavior. Melvin Marcus is the pre-sequel of the Jake Smith Mystery series. The novella ends where BANG STICK starts.< Less
Death Runner: A Jake Smith Mystery By H. David Whalen
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Jake Smith is back. After his firing from the San Diego Police Department as a seasoned detective, he is starting his life over at the bottom in the Fayetteville, Arkansas force. As a rookie patrol... More > officer, Smith receives the crappiest assignments and ends up on the local university campus in the midst of anti-war riots, drugs, and murder. The move certainly was not good for our man. He struggles on the job, makes too many enemies and finding love does not come easy. You will not be able to turn pages fast enough to keep up with the action.< Less
Bang Stick By H. David Whalen
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It is New Year’s Eve in nineteen sixty-nine and Southern California’s normally placid climate is in the middle of a northern cold snap. It is not the weather for murder. The strange... More > unknown weapon constitutes the perfect crime. Bodies are stacking up quicker than chips in a winning hand of high stakes poker. The only thing piling up faster is the ever-growing list of suspects.< Less
Life Check: A Human Journey By H. David Whalen
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My life was littered with harrowing and outrageous experiences. I was rescued from drowning twice. Stood face-to-face with a bear and pulled from under a dump truck before age six. My teens were... More > equally risk-prone and my adult life not much better. Not all of the stories are tragic. Many are funny and some are amazing. I spent a summer hitchhiking the West Coast. I’ve no stranger to juvenile hall, jail or mental ward. I retired after thirty-four years of self-employment with numerous inventions and licenses.< Less