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Black Tower Adventure 2 By Terry Hooper-Scharf
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Se4cond edition of the best selling 2010 edition featuring part 2 of the original Return Of The Gods series.
Tales Of Terror 4 By Terry Hooper-Scharf
Paperback: $8.12
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The Annual Tales of Terror is here! Golden Age fun with Dene Vernon! Krakos The Egyptian! Gus The Ghost -say what?? Madame Foretell. Kotar & Sabuta! Tarot! Lady Silvana! So much terrifying fun... More > that this book ought to carry a health warning instead of dripping blood!< Less
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There has always been a Purple Hood. “The Kings Man” and then the international agent used by HM Government to deal with external and internal threats. Mad men with nuclear bombs.... More > Organised drug cartels. Power hungry dictators. The Britton family have always been Purple Hoods. The Purple Hood is precise and clinical in his work. But above all else those wearing the Hood have had guidance from their consciences. So when the military stand idly by, unable to act when civilians are massacred –when politicians only draw up policy and blow warm air….. ...does the Purple Hood –does John Britton– sit back on his hands idly awaiting a change in policy? Or does John Britton pull on the Hood and say: “Enough! The line is drawn and crossed!” Time for the bad men to run. Time to hide. Or time to die! Ben Dilworth writes and draws this mini epic.< Less
Merriwether: Gods Demon Thumper By Terry Hooper-Scharf
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The complete Merriwether series, originally published in Black Tower Adventure and A Little Midnight Horror–but with three strips never before published… including the Reverend’s... More > battle with the ultimate Evil! From The Horror Of Hob Street to The Village Of Demons and Varney the Vampyre to The Fallen Angel himself, see how one Church of England vicar deals hard-fisted [and various spiked objects] justice to the ungodly ...and pays the ultimate price!!! If you were into Charlton Horror Comics or any horror comic then this one is for you! At the end of Merriwether:Gods Demon-Thumper, the Reverend had been confronted by Satan and as a consequence lay fatally injured. Star of 1980s comics, Benjamin R. Dilworth, takes us through the fleeting seconds before death as Merriwether has flash backs showing just why he took on the career he did. Be prepared for horror and a little tongue-in-cheek humour. COMIC HORROR FANS WILL LOVE THIS!< Less
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In the 1940s, Rodney Dearth and his exploratory fighting machine known as the Iron Warrior left Africa to travel to South America in search of lost explorer Percy Fawcett. Crocodiles, giant snakes,... More > hostile natives and..Big Bong -the terror of the Amazon! This collection presents a 1940s William A. Ward strip, Ben R. Dilworth's Big Bong, Amazon Adventure and a couple special pages, and Terry Hooper-Scharf's Black Tower Adventure strip The Iron Warrior: Jungle Terror plus text features!< Less
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Germanys first super heroes have fumbled along since the “Externsteine Event” One day something crashes into forestry followed by a “white out” event and the appearance of... More > the Pied Piper of Hameln and then the appearance Frederick Barbarossa seemingly out of history at D-Gruppe headquarters and his calling them into action. At the Place of the Gods, D-Gruppe meets heroes from other German parallels –all targeted and some destroyed by a seemingly all powerful being known as “Zeitgeist” and the race is on to find and stop “It” But there is a traitor amongst the heroes. They were Germanys first. Germanys best heroes. But will they live long enough to succeed in their task? This book collects together the first adventure of D-Gruppe –Revenge Of The Ice Queen– along with the three part Zeitgeist saga and the 2012 annual that concluded the German super hero epic— plus other features! Art by Ben R. Dilworth and Art/Stories by Terry Hooper-Scharf< Less
Wilberforce By Terry Hooper-Scharf
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Wilberforce—a Sergeant on the Metropolitan Police Detective Force. But Wilberforce was no common “Jack” (police officer). Even before working with the famous Chung Ling Soo (The... More > Case Of The Thames Serpent), Wilberforce had “tasted the chin strap” on many tough cases –even a stint in the Army saw him used because of his detective skills. Here, Ben R. Dilworth, gives us a sneak peek into Wilberforce’s Case Notes for 1896. “A Jack’s lot is not a happy one” and Wilberforce was not just dealing with the ordinary criminals such as the nobblers, rampsmen, smashers, mobsmen, snoozers and skinners…. ...there were the spectres, the satanic followers, vampires and other monsters —things the ordinary copper never usually encountered and often scoffed at the stories of. Wilberforce knew better.< Less
Colloquium cum diabolo By Terry Hooper-Scharf
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As a vital point in the battle raging on Neo Olympus (Return of the Gods:Twilight of The Super Hewroes) two entities who could shift the balance both ways of them is the Devil. While their... More > truce is active the duo pass the time recounting two stories.. THIS IS N O T ESSENTIAL READING FOR RETURN OF THE GODS BUT A STAND ALONE ILLUSTRATED PROSE BOOK.< Less
Black Tower Adventure 10 By Terry Hooper-Scharf
Paperback: $10.12
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The 10th and final issue of volume 2! Rodney Dearth and his Iron Warrior return. The Cross Earths Caper concludes -as does the re-telling of Runestone's origin. Lots of other goodies and this issue... More > guest stars The Clock! Its just too much fun!< Less
black tower adventure 2 By Terry Hooper
Paperback: $8.43
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Things begin to pick up apace as Thaddeus Twatt and Tomas go on foot to explore Friggia. The mystery and action continue in Return Of The Gods:Twilight Of The Super Heroes. We learn why using... More > reptilean DNA to replace human limbs might not be a good idea. The Crimson Cowl packs a punchline. Kotar & Sabuta confront...the Ghost We learn the deadly secret of Yucca Plants. And there is much,much more -at a bargain price!< Less