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BLACK TOWER ADVENTURE 9 By Terry Hooper-Scharf
Paperback: $10.17
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This is it!! Yes, the one that someone has been waiting for! Runestone gets to try out his new powers as he faces...The Beast of Exmoor! Kelvin Jones gets to try out his shiny Helmet of Power while... More > our heroes are on a parallel Moon and fighting off Selenites in The Cross Earths Caper! Kotar has his hands full in a solo adventure while Lady Silana faces a demon of her own. The quest for the Iron Warrior continues in the Amazon. A prequel to two British Golden Age comic strips in Return To Lost Man's Gulch and more...including The Thinker and The Phantom Detective -all in the UKs TOP SUPER HERO-ACTION COMIC!< Less
D-GRUPPE ANNUAL 2012 By Terry Hooper-Scharf
Paperback: $11.77
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For D-Gruppe, Germany's first and only super team, things seem to have gone quiet since the Cross-worlds Zeitgeist event. However, Tarot, the mystic, detects a great evil below D-Gruppe's very own... More > HQ. The ultimate evil has returned and this time it isn't just a question of whether D-Gruppe can stop it but how many of them will die trying?< Less
Tick Tock Its The Clock By Terry Hooper-Scharf
Paperback: $11.21
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Feature Comics #21, 1936. the Clock,eventually revealed to be society man and former district attorney Brian O'Brien, wore a three-piece suit, a fedora, and a black full-face mask. The first masked... More > hero of comics dealt with crime using guile and gun and usually left a calling card that bore an image of a clock and the words "The Clock Has Struck." Ben Dilworth steps in to fill in the gaps and what MADE the Clock -plus a revelation: What happened to O'Brien's look-alike and crime busting companion Pug? Prepare for violence, harsh language and to ask the question:can there ever really be justice from the barrel of a gun?< Less
Black Tower Adventure 8 By Terry Hooper-Scharf
Paperback: $10.23
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At last! After cameo appearances in Tales of Terror and one strip over the last twenty years THE PHANTOM DETECTIVE returns in two tales to horrify! Plus, The Thinker...thinks DOOM! Having discovered... More > the Iron Warrior in the African jungle, three adventurers are about to get a shock" A wizened old man offers to give Kelvin Nolan his helmet which creates a few misunderstandings in Kelvin Nolan and His Helmet of Power! Runestone tests the rune that has embadded itself in his hand while, in The Cross-Earths Caper (pt.2)Bristol is, quite virtually, The Wild, Wild West Country..and Selenites threaten to destroy Earth. Thought that ought to be mentioned.< Less
Paperback: $17.95
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Originally published, after 12 years, in Black Tower Adventure #s1-6, Return of the Gods: Twilight of the Super Heroes sees several storylines combined into one big event. Heroes around the world... More > disappear after being chased by glowing orange spheres -the world believes them dead but they have actually been transported to a huge walled city on a dimensional plane. The home of the gods. Unknown to the heroes, they are pawns in a game by the gods to use them to fight of the return of the Ancient Old Gods. Meanwhile, on Earth, an alien invasion beach-head action has taken place. the hero community as well as world governments find their resources stretched on several fronts. Join BTCGs Indian, Pakistani, Chinese, Singaporean, British and other international heroes where heroes DO die and death is final.< Less
Chronos Watchman By Terry Hooper-Scharf
Paperback: $10.39
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John Tempus, a world travelling adventurer travels by ship to Gull Island, a desolate place on which stands an ancient, war-scarred tower, left to him by an uncle he never knew. An uncle that he soon... More > finds is far from dead. An uncle who reveals to him a family curse that he cannot avoid. A duty he will carry out until his death. John Tempus has now become the next Chronos Watchman and he is all that stands between our world and that of...KAOS!< Less
D GRUPPE 4 By Terry Hooper-Scharf
Paperback: $11.19
Prints in 3-5 business days
This is it! The final showdown with Zeitgeist -but with heroes already dead can D-Gruppe and the other heroes stop the world destroyer?? Plus -Kopfmann's first appearance before D-Gruppe and the... More > origin of The Mummy -and a new feature The D-Gruppe Fact File. You want more???? You ain't getting it!< Less
TALES OF TERROR III By Terry Hooper-Scharf
Paperback: $11.79
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Each year Black Tower likes to bring you a little bit of extra horror/ghostly goodness in Tales of Terror. In the third volume there are contributions by Ben R. Dilworth -Krakos and Merriwether. ... More > While Paul Ashley Brown brings us the tales of The Worlds Best Mom and revisits his fear of trees! Darron Northall and Danny Jenkins bring us the horrific tale of Bud and Lou Go To Hell while George McQueens The Bat deals out justice and Art Wetherell's one pager is designed to make men wince! And, preparing for a big 2012 event, Terry Hooper-Scharf finally includes issue 1 of The Paranormals to make this a true horror/ghost fest book!< Less
The Ultimate Centaur Collection 2011 By Terry Hooper-Scharf
Paperback: $12.50
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Previously available as two seperate volumes and now collected into one 146 pages volume! Vol 1 Centaur -the short-lived publishing house of some of the first and most unique Golden Age heroes that... More > still live on in legend today! The Eye Sees! Truly weird and bizarre! The Clock! Airman! The Sparkler! The Blue Lady! Plymo! The Arrow! And others. Volume 1 is a treat for all Golden Age comic fans and a must have! Volume 2 The Skull,The Shark,The Blue Lady and Amazing Man! These were part of the First Wave of US Golden Age comics that also includes Mini Midget and Mighty Man. This book also reprints the one and only appearance of the very first comic book Owl from 1940! A must for comic fans and Golden Age buffs!< Less
Purple Hood 3: Rule Britannia! By Terry Hooper-Scharf
Paperback: $11.71
Prints in 3-5 business days
This is it! The pulse pounding, bullet riddled, high octane finale to the first Purple Hood series since 1967! Ben R. Dilworth guides the generational Purple Hood line from era to era fighting Great... More > Britains enemies and hinting at future possibilities. The hit comic of 2011< Less