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Evening Watch By Cameron Mount
Paperback: $9.95
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“Cameron Mount’s poems, set mostly on shipboard during the War in Iraq, evoke a world not accessible to most of us. They do so with an enticing wealth of imagery, and an emotional... More > watchfulness which creates moments of quiet meditation, even in the middle of dangerous time.” Cammy Thomas, author of Cathedral of Wish< Less
From the Paris of New England: Interviews with Poets and Writers By Doug Holder
Paperback: $18.50
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A series of interviews with poets and writers that took place in the "Paris of New England," (Somerville, Mass.) Doug Holder the founder of the small literary press "Ibbetson... More > Street" conducted interviews on his Somerville Community Access TV Show "Poet to Poet: Writer to Writer," as well as for his literary column in The Somerville News, and at the Wilderness House Literary Retreat, founded by his friend Steve Glines. Poets and writers included in this volume are Mark Doty, Tom Perrotta, Pagan Kennedy, Claire Messud, Lan Samantha Chang, Afaa Michael Weaver, Lois Ames, Steve Almond, and many more... There is also some striking photography by Elsa Dorfman and other photographers in this collection. Included is an introduction by Michael Basinski, curator of the University of Buffalo Poetry Collection...< Less
On How to Read - THE MANUAL By Pam Rosenblatt
Paperback: $7.00
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"On How to Read undertakes a vital mission, the questioning of the obvious in an age where the surplus of information seems to have created a new acquiescence. Rosenblatt's investigations make... More > play itself an integral part of the act of reading while inviting us to question our world. This is a rich little book." - Affa M. Weaver, Pushcart Prize Winner 2008< Less
Rebuilding the Pyramids By Mike Amado
Paperback: $14.95
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In Rebuilding the Pyramids, we have the rare gift of a lyric carved in the patient space of the wish to live, to continue, to breathe, to make a genuine space inside our lives. The lyric here is... More > carved out of Keatsian spaces, where the metronome in the poet’s ear marks endings more definite than meter and beginnings more beatific than associative pirouettes. Amado shows us the moments of life as meditations, and he makes them anew and shows us how we can always build these beacons that align themselves to what lives beyond us. -Afaa Michael Weaver< Less
B I C Y C L E S , C A N O E S , D R U M S By Dan Sklar
Paperback: $20.95
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I take seriously what Ezra Pound said, “make poetry new.” I do not want to write like anyone else, if that’s possible. I want to create new forms of poetry. Sure, I have been... More > influenced by many writers who write differently than I do, whether it is in style, theme, or topics, but I respect all forms and styles of poetry. I am experimenting all the time. Each time I write, it is as if it is my first time, like I have not done it before. The poem, and the way it is put together, becomes the object I am writing about as well as the subject. The way the poem is written is part of its meaning. All of it, I feel, comes from a deep and original, and yet common, place. I write to try to understand myself and the world and to question the things we just assume to be true, but mostly I write to remember the brightness of being alive.< Less
Promise Supermarket By Elizabeth Quinlan
Paperback: $15.95
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As consciously and effectively as a short novel, Promise Supermarket depicts the life of a family moving ever downward, from a house on a hill to a one-room cellar apartment. . . . One of the marvels... More > of this book is that Elizabeth Quinlan is able to depict the immense difficulties of her childhood with both quiet understatement and clear detail, allowing us to share her experience with the deep involvement that fully inhabiting a new literary space, however bleak, may give. . . . The magic of Promise Supermarket is to turn the power of visual imagination and memory into unforgettable stories—to “grow treasures” out of what was planted in the treeless ground of a difficult but tenderly remembered childhood. —Martha Collins, from the foreword< Less
Manufacturing America, Poems from the Factory Floor By Lisa Beatman
Paperback: $14.95
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Manufacturing America bears witness to the lyrical life of a factory and the individuals who inhabit it at the start-up of the 21stcentury. Lisa Beatman adds the stories of immigrant workers, heard... More > through the ear of a poet on site to teach literacy skills, to the growing literature of work poetry. — Susan Eisenberg, author of Blind Spot< Less
Blood Soaked Dresses By Gloria Mindock
Paperback: $13.50
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In her fascinating poem cycle, Gloria Mindock jolts back into memory the roots of El Salvador’s present day violence. Mindock coaxes to the page the voices of the dead who lie, less in peace,... More > than in restless obsession with the atrocities they suffered. She brings forth as well the voices of the living who seem startled to find that they died somewhere between the horrors they witnessed and the grave they have yet to lie down in. Blood Soaked Dresses is a beautiful, harrowing first book. - Catherine Sasanov< Less
Sonatina By Johnmichael Simon
Paperback: $12.97
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Discords, misses and tangles, are all addressed and folded into the Sonatina while the carousel revolves. What this book accomplishes for us is the vision of all events meshing in the music of life,... More > the bizarre just another octave, the sweet and miraculous all plucked appropriately in reprise and return: "the clouds and God are all that exist and the music, the music." Katherine L. Gordon, author, editor, publisher, literary critic,< Less
Outpost - A Collection of Poems By Abbott Ikeler
Paperback: $16.50
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The settings of these poems are not 'poetic'--the suburbs, the commuter's routine, the sad pilgrimage from anticipation to regret, from the promise of life to the certainty of death, with all its... More > preliminary indignities. The themes and voice--disciplined by traditional craft, enriched by detachment, conscious of the immensities of time and space that frame our lives, diminishing and exalting them--are another matter. They contain gravity, delight, and mockery within them. One thinks of the Frost of "Desert Places," but in the context of our own time. There is a consolation in making music and a consolation in facing facts. OUTPOST, with many variations, provides both." --Franklin Burroughs< Less