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Boucca Wicca The Ritual of Planets By Woden Hawk
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The Boucca Wicca 'Ritual of Planets' has been adapted from the Alexandrian 'Book of Planets. The ceremony represents the magical intent of the earlier source document. Practitioners of Alexandrian... More > witchcraft can now learn how for the first time the secrets of the tradition previously and exclusively reserved for its inner adepts. By using the Alexandrian 'Ordine Della Luna materials' from the 'Soror Moonshee' collection;the author has re-imagined Alex Sander's earlier work and compiled a coven based ceremony. Alexandrian Planetary pentagrams are included in the text, complete with symbols for coven study. Also included in this work is a scan of the Ordine Scatere Scatere versions of the 'Book of Planets' Additionally other Ordine Della Luna materials such as: The Conjuration of the Seven Spheres; The Rite of Venus; Star Goddess; The Conjuration Ritual to Saturn and finally a transcript of Alex Sander's talk on the Order of the Golden Dawn, are included in the volume.< Less
Boucca Wicca Rite of the Art Angelic By Woden Hawk
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The Boucca Wicca 'Rite of the Art Angelic' has been complied, expanded upon and re-imagined to better present the secrets not revealed within the original Angelic Art of Alex Sanders. From using... More > various materials from the Soror Moonshee collection of Ordine Della Luna papers, the author has greatly added inner methods known only the adepts of the Ordine Della Luna that were not released within Alex Sanders earlier 12 page source documents. Especially the inner magical designs and invocations of the Alexandrian angelic pentagrams not seen in earlier source documents are provided here from the Ordine Della Luna materials. Comparisons between the Simon Goodman version of Sanders' the Angelic Art and the Soror Moonshee document used are also included within the footnotes. Persons interested in the magicks of Alex Sanders as taught and revealed to his students outside of traditional Alexandrian Witchcraft during the later 1970's and 1980's will find this document of interest.< Less
The Abrahamic Interfaith Sabbatical Eucharist for Jews, Christians and Muslims. By Brother Teyth
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The Abrahamic Interfaith Sabbatical Liturgy of the Eucharist is a communion celebration in remembrance of Yeshua. The ceremony of community and remembrance being as Yeshua commanded. This Eucharist... More > is suitable for all of the three great monotheistic faiths: Christianity, Islam and Judaism. Honouring Yeshua the Messiah and also Moses and Muhammad the best of prophets. Within the introduction the author explains how G-d makes no contradictions and provides a parable for the readers edification and understanding. Using the Aramaic names for G-d spoken by the Messiah Yeshua (Jesus Christ) Eloi and Allahu the author has chosen EL ALLAH as being the most suitable name to worship and honour the Lord G-d Most High. The author believes that G-d requires a House of Worship unified. And that His religion must be one vine. Praise be to Eloi Allahu. Adonai El' Allaahu Machaseinu, huso'aleinu, Yeshua meshicheinu. All Glories to Eloi Allahu, EL ALLAH< Less