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Books and Ebooks by John G. Young, M.D.
Odds and Ends By John G. Young, M.D.
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This collection of poems was written over several years in the 1990s and early 2000s. They did not fit into any particular category, so the title, “Odds and Ends.” Some were written for... More > the award-winning video, The Creative Adventure. It is an odd collection, some scraps, some light verse, some concrete poems, some sophisticated enough be considered poetry. Some even made it into another's collection of poems.< Less
Love and Y(our Creative Adventure By John G. Young, M.D.
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Love and Y(our Creative Adventure Source Book: This book provides the scripts of the videos and comments for a seminar/ workshop exploring the relationship between love and creative functioning... More > using five award-winning videos created by John G. Young, M.D., a retired psychiatrist and multimedia artist. This class integrates the video presentation with discussion and workshop experiences related to the needs of the participants. Day One we will examine the creative person and creative/innovative problem solving approaches. Day Two we will focus on creative expression especially as it relates to love. This source book for the seminar/worshop has the scripts for the videos [Times Roman Bold], commentary [Arial], asides, added material and supplimentary features [Times Roman] to Love and Y(our Creative Adventure so they can be reflected upon between the classes.< Less
The Animal Census By John G. Young
eBook (PDF): $10.44
The Animal Census is a playfully illustrated "children's book for adults," full of double entendres. Written at Christmas time, it takes off on Luke’s story—“when it came... More > to pass a decree from Caesar Augustus that a census should be taken of the entire Roman world.” But it also asks the taxing question, “How do we count in the world?” “And when are we going to come to our senses?” It implies we act like animals, but that might not be fair to the animals. Finally it asks the psychological question, "What kind of animal are you?"< Less
Constant Challenge, Constant Creation By John G. Young, M.D.
eBook (PDF): $9.06
This poetry book with illustrations by Dr. Young is a collection of two notebooks, POEMS AT AN EXHIBITION and ACCIDENT AT RT 436 AND REDBUG ROAD. The first evolved out of a collection of my... More > paintings that led to a one-man art-show. Many paintings were based on photographs I had taken over the years focusing on the challenges we have faced as a family with multiple sclerosis, deafness and blindness. The second was written earlier at a time of great struggle when my wife had a broken neck and ended up with quadriplegia. It contains poetry of a more traditional kind found in poetry therapy when self-expression is the important consideration, and it may become creative expression. Sometimes emotions are so strong they disrupt everything and poetry acts to contain the feelings. The issue is not getting in touch with the feelings, but trying to create meaning out of meaninglessness.< Less
eBook (PDF): $9.20
This book, “A PSYCHIATRIST’S NOTEBOOK," written parallel to my 30 years of practice in psychiatry, is a diverse collection of works ranging from serious poetry, light verse and... More > doggerel, to epigrams, cartoons, graphics, drawings, and paintings. One sketches for many reasons. Some sketches are done as ends in themselves for pure delight. Some are drawn to work out some problem such as a study for a larger work. Others are drawn to share some concept or idea. These poetic sketches have served all these purposes. They are presented here to convey different dimensions of the usage of poetry in psychiatry.< Less
Will and Won't: Autonomy and Creativity Blocks By John G. Young
eBook (PDF): $9.23
To become original creators, artists present themselves and their unique points of view. They go beyond the skill level, developing themselves as much, if not more than, their techniques. They go... More > beyond refining approaches learned from others for they originate something new. To create at this level they need more than techniques and talent, they must have courage and imagination. When artists have the courage to express themselves, their understanding of the world, rather than repeat the formulas of the past, they become the originators. Will and Won’t looks at the issues of being authentic and autonomous as a creator. John G. Young, M.D. shows you how to over-come perceptual, conceptual, cultural, emotional and mental block to creating. He examines the psychological issues of fears of success, tensions in a paradoxical process, the double-edged sword of creativity, and psychological integration and style.< Less
Parenting the Creatively Gifted By John G. Young, M..
eBook (PDF): $8.76
Parenting the Creatively Gifted identifies those who are gifted in creative ways. Dr. Young distinguishes creative abilities from high intelligence. He examines the challenges of being different,... More > being the “Ugly Duckling,” and hoping to become a swan. This book shows how parents can facilitate those with high sensitivities to grow, treating these children as ends. Finally it looks at creative approaches, creative teaching and parenting, and how to nurture these gifted individuals.< Less
Re-contexted By John G. Young, M.D.
eBook (PDF): $4.95
This book is a supplement to a one-man multimedia show that takes paintings that have been in my videos in different roles and re-contextualizing them for this art show. Stills from the many videos... More > I created over the last 20 years become the subject of this conceptual show. The commentary on the paintings with the stills is the art show. At times paintings are backdrops for other actors; at other time the paintings, especially the portraits, are the main actor. Thus this book is about an art show that is art about art about art. It also begins to address a new way of thinking about creating.< Less
Evolutionary Creativity: Selection in the Creative Process By John G. Young
eBook (PDF): $7.60
In this series of essays John G. Young, M.D., a board certified psychiatrist, returns to his roots in philosophy to examine the relationships between biological evolution and cognitive evolution. He... More > begins at the beginning, exploring origin myths. Then using general systems theories, he moves through evolution to find similarities of biological change and selection as it points towards a better understanding of creative/innovative approaches.< Less
Love: Poetry and Philosophy By John G. Young, M.D.
eBook (PDF): $9.95
LOVE , a book of poems, written parallel to my 35 years of practice in psychiatry, is a diverse collection of works ranging from serious poetry, light verse and doggerel, to epigrams, graphics,... More > drawings, photographs, songs and paintings. It ranges from experiences of attraction, affection, passion, tenderness, longing, leaving, seriousness and humor, to raw sexuality, perversion, merger, and raunchiness. The section, Philosophical Inquiry into the Nature of Love, I wrote nearly 50 years ago as a requirement for Honors in Philosophy at the University of Massachusetts. It explores the views of the Jewish existential poet-philosopher, Martin Buber as relates to the I and Thou and his ontological and ethical conception of love. It differentiates two different forms of being, the I-Thou and the I-It, and indicates how “love is the responsibility of an I for a Thou.”< Less