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The New Mars By John L. Manning Jr.
eBook (PDF): $5.99
In the mid-21st century, the discovery of a new powerful and long-lasting power source has revolutionized life on Earth. Utilizing this power in jets, travel into space has become easier and the... More > opportunity to develop barren lands is seized. Mars is the first planet to be inhabited by humans who build a viable environment in a dome that, despite growth, has not yielded much profit. When investors decide to transform Mars into a vacation spot, workers are sent from Earth to build a city under a reinforced tent. The workers spend their free time reading and become bored by the monotony.< Less
The City Dome By John L. Manning Jr.
eBook (PDF): $8.99
Set in the not-too-distant future, The New Mars: The City Dome envisions Mars as a thriving, friendly, bustling place. Hotels are attracting many vacationers from Earth, and sports complexes and... More > theme parks offer myriad space-themed activities for adults and children alike. More than just a vacation hotspot, Mars has much more in store for its visitors. Work has now begun on a City Dome, built remarkably quickly with the help of Nanobots. The first inhabitants of the City Dome are some of the people who built it. Residents are able to take advantage of educational and employment opportunities, and shopping and entertainment are easy to access.< Less
A Family Vacation By John L. Manning Jr.
eBook (PDF): $8.99
In the not too distant future of this novel, a family of four travels to the Red Planet, which is rapidly being developed with amusement parks, hotels, sporting complexes, casinos and other... More > entertainment destinations in the new bio-domes. Retirement communities have sprung up too, because the weaker gravity on Mars makes it easier for the elderly to move around and enjoy their golden years. For More Information:< Less