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The Last Ancestor By John Francis Kinsella
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Scott Fitznorman is an international dealer in Asian and Tribal Art with galleries in London and Paris. He and Kate Lundy set off for Borneo in search of valuable ethnic art and the heirlooms of the... More > tribal peoples living in the longhouses in the mountainous regions of Sarawak. They make a startling discovery and a scientific expedition sets out to explore the traces of human ancestors deep in the rainforests of Borneo. Scott’s research leads him into an adventure in the history of human origins, criss-crossing the planet in search of explanations, as a wave of violence wracks Indonesia caught up in the throes of an insurrectional crisis.< Less
The Turning Point By John Kinsella
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Launching his war on terror, Bush galloped, accompanied by his faithful sidekick, Tony Blair, to create a different version of Bush the father’s post-Soviet New World Order, where, in Winston... More > Churchill’s words: the principles of justice and fair play...protect the weak against the strong — or was it the other way around? Spurred on by the encouragement of the West’s compelling leaders, many determined men grasped the chance that destiny had unexpectedly thrust upon them. Michael Fitzwilliams was one of them, his dream was that of transforming his relatively modest bank into a global finance and investment institution, with quite naturally a deserving place in the adrenaline driven heart of the London’s square mile.< Less
Death of a Financier By John Francis Kinsella
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Tom Barton, a City mortgage broker, decides to quit his business in the wake of the subprime crisis and arrives in Kovalam, in the south of India. In the Maharaja Palace he finds himself in the... More > company of holiday makers from the UK, Scandinavia and Russia. Stephen Parkly, the CEO of a successful City bank, and his young wife Emma are taking a well earned year end break. Parkly falls gravely ill with a mysterious infection, whilst back in the City, unknown to him his mortgage and investment bank, West Mercian Finance is in grave difficulties. Ryan Kavanagh, a doctor, comes to Emma’s aid with the help of Barton, after an attempted cover-up by the Indian authorities, who fear for their tourist industry and more especially medical tourism, as the disease threatens the resort with the tourist season in full swing. Thousands of British tourists enjoying the sun are unaware of the pending disaster, many are equally unaware their savings about are to be wiped out in the West Mercian collapse.< Less
The Legacy of Solomon By John Francis Kinsella
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The Temple of Jerusalem was razed to the ground by the Roman Titus in 73AD, not a single stone was left standing, its sacred treasures were looted and triumphantly paraded in Rome and the... More > city’s people massacred and carried off into slavery. Today the Temple Mount is the Haram esh-Sharif, the second most holy site of Islam, where the Temple is believed to have once stood by Jews and Christians alike, is controlled by the Muslim Waqf. All archaeological research or excavation is strictly forbidden to the chagrin of the Jews and the site has become a source of conflict between Jews and Muslims provoking the Second Intifada. Pat O’Connelly, an Irish American writer, meets Isaac de Lussac, an obscure biblical archaeologist, who believes he has discovered the solution to the enigma of the Temple, building his theory on the work carried out by the Palestinian Survey Fund founded in the 19th century by Queen Victoria’s Royal Engineers.< Less
Offshore Islands By John Francis Kinsella
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This is the story of the adventures of a naive Irish businessman. During the year 2000 the new technologies market bubble creates fortunes overnight and its crash transforms its golden boys into... More > fugitives, seeking to save what they can and leaving behind them a trail of financial chaos. At the same time others make fortunes from money laundering and narcotics as the Russian Mafia expands its multi-billion dollar business to the West< Less
The Sorrow of Europe By Translated by John Francis Kinsella
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This biography of Annemarie Schwarzenbach was written by Dominique Laure Miermont in French and published in France by Payot. Anne Marie Schwarzenbach was born into a rich family of the conservative... More > upper class bourgeoisie in Zurich in 1908, growing up in the shadow of an oppressive mother, she died in a tragic accident at the early age of thirty-four in 1942 in Switzerland. She developed a thirst for writing from her adolescence, then her love for women, her opposition to fascism, her friendship for Klaus and Erika Mann, her travels to the four corners of the world, her marriage to a French diplomat, her taste for alcohol, tobacco and morphine...< Less
The Prism By John Francis Kinsella
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The Prism is a novel that looks at the not too distant future of France, a fictional vision of how its society could evolve for the worst given the changes in the world and the weight of its... More > immigrant population.It is set in the 'after oil age' when the influence of the Middle East as a supplier of energy has greatly declined.< Less
Borneo Pulp By John Francis Kinsella
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In the last decades of the twentieth century the destruction of the Indonesian rainforest accelerated. This is the story of a vast project to build a pulp mill in the pristine heart of Borneo. John... More > Ennis arrives in Jakarta, on behalf of the consortium formed to promote the project, where he discovers an unexpectedly new world. Assigned to head the development by Antoine Brodzski the promoter and a Scandinavian multinational, he is plunged into a conflict of financial and political interests in Suharto’s Indonesia, where dollars are more important than the obliteration of huge swaths of Borneo’s primary forests, its unique wildlife and the destruction to be wreaked on the habitat of the indigenous peoples.< Less