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The Candy Bar Adventures: March of the Evil Mard By Jason Wewers
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The Candy Bar Adventures continue... The "Battle of Caramel Castle" has ended, but a bigger battle is brewing! While Carmelot rebuild Caramel Castle and mend fresh wounds, Zangela and... More > Zongel return to Yumchewz to find that old wounds are about to reopen. Perhaps no greater wound will be suffered though than by our Hero Squad when a sweet, mysterious confection enters their lives. Meanwhile, Mard's unquenchable desire to be the richest, most famous, and most admired, will lead to a creation that could devastate the entire candy world - the Cookie Cutter! New adventures will begin for all - and all will be shook to their candy core! Our Hero Squad march toward an unseen danger...a danger formed from within. Zangela and Zongel march toward hope...a hope wrought from despair. And naive masses from every land in the candy world march toward a shared fate...a fate "cut" from a "common" mold. The march toward a new battle has begun - deception, jealousy, and greed will lead the way...< Less
The Candy Bar Adventures: The Battle of Caramel Castle By Jason Wewers
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The evil Mard and his band of assorted cronies have teamed with the traitorous General, Sir Cus Peanut, to overtake one of the wealthiest and revered places in the world of candy - the Castle of King... More > and Queen Caramel! Our Hero Squad (Hersh, Mick, and Snick) must attempt a daring rescue if they hope to defeat their foes and save the Royal Caramels! This battle between good and evil will ensnare more than just our small band of heroes...and that could end up being Mard & Co.'s biggest blunder! Bubble-gum blasters will be blazing! Lollicopters will be soaring! Jellybean Jeeps will be in high gear! and many more surprises await in - The Battle of Caramel Castle! This is the first book in "The Candy Bar Adventures" series. Visit and learn more about this new series that is based off a story I originally wrote 20 years ago at the age of 10!< Less