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The Academic Works of Brendan Bombaci
Symbolic Thought in Neandertals: A Preponderance of Evidence By Brendan Bombaci
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There has long been a debate as to whether Neandertals have had modern human culture, and thereby symbolic thought. This article demonstrates with the most current evidence from physical... More > anthropology, genetics, and archaeological remains, that they did indeed.< Less
Susto: Fright and Soul Loss in the Spanish Speaking World By Brendan Bombaci
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Susto is a both a culture bound syndrome and an idiom of distress with many variations around a consensus fundamental core set of symptoms – mostly somatic but some psychological – caused... More > mostly by fright and stress. It is found mostly in Central and South America, but also among Mexican American populations, and to a lesser degree in Spain; it does not occur throughout the whole Spanish-speaking world. The DSM IV only lists susto in Appendix I and relates it to Major Depressive Disorder (MDD), Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), and lastly to Somatoform Disorders (SD) which have no apparent medical cause. Anthropologically, it has been studied for associations to physiological symptoms via biomarker analyses, with positive correlations, but also reported by some populations to be a causal factor in major debilitating illness (mostly diabetes, but also cancer) and even death, where research has provided tentative evidence that neither is the case. Herein: causes, treatments, and cultural descriptions.< Less
A Need-to-Know Basis: Secrets of Your Favorite Foods and Stimulants By Brendan Bombaci
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This purely academic reference text was inspired by the somewhat dated "PDR for Herbal Medicines." There are plenty of natural medicine guides out there that target people who frequently... More > shop at health food or specialty food markets, but this one is different. The majority of people in this world find their food at markets that carry staple food items, and so I have created a book that allows the average individual to understand far more about the foods and stimulants that they already enjoy. This guide is divided up into sections -- one for liver health, relative to detoxification, obesity, and diabetes; one regarding the foods that fight & foods that exacerbate cancers; one for the rather awesome and odd effects of herbs and spices; and one for foods which interact with or are Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitors (a common class of drugs prescribed for depression). These particulars focus on the most prevalent diseases of the Western world which, with study and application, you just may avoid.< Less