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The Insider's Guide To Effective Recruiter-Candidate Relations By Kevin Buckley
eBook (ePub): $1.79
An insider's account of what works best when working with recruiters, written by an executive search consultant with over 25 years of recruitment experience. This is what you need to know to... More > identify good recruiters, and avoid those that aren't serving your interests. Some topics covered include: - What To Look For In A Recruiter - What Recruiters Are Looking For - The Differences Between A Search Firm And An Employment Agency - Internet Recruiter Directory Resources - Establishing Clear Communications - When A Recruiter Is Calling You - Interview Tips - Negotiating Compensation - Reviewing Your Hiring Agreement - Issues That Are Beyond Your Recruiter's Control - Recruiter Warning Signs. You need to connect with recruiters that will treat you fairly and not jeopardize your career interests. This Guide, the 5th in a series of Insider's Guides helps you do that.< Less
The Insider's Guide To Job Search: Graduates & Students By Kevin Buckley
eBook (ePub): $2.72
The Guide contains information, links, and step-by-step methods to orient the new job seeker to the business marketplace. Changing the Student's Perspective- What Are Recruiters Looking For?- Where... More > Do I Look For Work?- Student and Youth Employment Boards- Tips For Career Fairs and Job Fairs- Questions You Should Ask- Social Networking Sites- How Do I Stand Out From The Competition?- Academic Resumes - Points To Enhance Your Appeal- Cover Letters- Emailing Your Resume: Creating Buyer Interest- Tips For Using LinkedIn Features and Resources- Telephone Interviewing- Passive and Active listening- How Do I Get Hired With Minimal Experience?- Establishing Positive Relations in an Interview- Assessing Potential Employers- A Guide To Successful Interviewing- Common Interviewing Mistakes- Body Language In An Interview: Reading The Signs- The Virtual Interview- Salary & Benefits- Patience In Negotiating- Making The Human Connection- University Student Career Centres< Less
Choices You Make By Kevin Buckley
eBook (ePub): $2.69
The choices we make in life largely govern the course of our lives. This book explores making choices based on honesty, kindness, and responsibility. As we mature, we find that people, events, and... More > circumstances present choices and decisions to make. The way ahead is not always clear. Fear and anxiety cloud our perceptions. When you are grounded in a personal code of conduct and values that carries you through the minor and major challenges of your life, you have the security of a heart fortified within itself. Trust defeats fear. It's useful to have a handbook that addresses the transformative question of daily living: What is the right thing to do now? Choices You Make empowers you with ideas for personal decision-making.< Less
The Insider's Guide To Job Search By Kevin Buckley CPC
eBook (ePub): $4.95
Written by a Certified Personnel Consultant (CPC) with 25 years + experience in recruitment, selection, interviewing and negotiating. A step-by-step guide to self-marketing with extensive and... More > relevant guidance in all facets of job search; proven effective techniques that work in the real world. 250 Pages Downsizing, Wrongful Dismissal, Signs That Your Job Is At Risk, Defining Job Satisfaction, Organizing Your Search, Social Networking Sites, Background Checks, Misrepresentation, Resumes, Cover Letters, Emails, Interview Handouts, LinkedIn Profiles and Groups, Mature Candidates, Student Candidates, Telephone Interviews, First Impressions, Body Language, Assessing Potential Employers, Questions To Ask, Why Should We Hire You?, A Guide To Interviewing, Interviewing Mistakes, Negotiating Compensation, and more.< Less
The Insider's Guide To Being Interviewed By Kevin Buckley CPC
eBook (ePub): $2.99
A quick-reference guide to Being Interviewed: What An Interview Is, and Isn't Telephone Interviewing Gather your Materials Interview Handouts: Influencing The Hiring Decision Your Interview Begins On... More > The Phone When You Are Being Called By A Potential Employer Passive and Active Listening When It Comes To First Impressions, It's The Little Things That Count - You Out! Personal Grooming and Attire Staying Focused in an Interview Assessing Potential Employers Before The Interview Arriving for the Interview During the Interview After the Interview Questions To Ask The Employer The Interview: Are You A Potential Leader? Attitudes, Values & Feelings Why Should We Hire You? Successful Interviewing Employer Interviewing Styles Common Interviewing Mistakes Frequent Interviewing Mistakes - Part I Frequent interviewing Mistakes - Part II Don't Oversell Yourself Out of a Job Offer! Body Language In An Interview: Reading The Signs The Unique Challenges Facing Mature Candidates< Less
The Insider's Guide To Candidate Selection By Kevin Buckley CPC
eBook (ePub): $9.95
Written by a Certified Personnel Consultant (CPC) of 25 years + experience, this Guide provides a step-by-step approach to identifying, selecting, interviewing, background checking, social media,... More > negotiations, offers, counter offers and questions to ask potential candidates. Author of "The Insider's Guide To Job Search" and founder of a web site devoted to providing job search techniques to a worldwide base of career oriented people. 116 Pages Founder of Buckley Search Inc., an executive recruitment firm recognized as a leader in Freight, Customs, Logistics & Supply Chain in North America.< Less