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Saving Primo By Keith G. Laufenberg
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“ Sandcastles in the Sun” is the first story in this series of four novellas featuring Julius '.J.D. ' Dickens and his partner Isaiah 'I-Hop' Hopkins. Dickens gets when his assistant, a... More > 21-year-old first year law student, whose father, a police captain, is a close friend of J.D.'s, assures him that it's a simple “open and shut case” paid for with department money. Now, Dickens has “personal” reasons to take any case paid for with department money but soon finds that it's anything but and open and shut case. “The Spearhead Case,” “A Heartbeat Away” and “Saving Primo” are more of the same spine-tingling stories that will quickly interconnect with the one preceding it and keep the reading reading until the last page is turned.< Less
South of South Beach By Keith G. Laufenberg
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South of South Beach is set in the 1960's, when South Beach was not the glitzy, Art-Deco district it is today but a crumbling, dilapidated section of real estate. South Beach, in those days, was... More > considered that tract of land that was bordered by the Dog-Track on the south, Lincoln Road on the north, Alton Road on the west and Ocean Drive, fronting the sandy beaches, on the east. The story begins in 1966 and the area known to everyone as South Beach is inhabited by an eclectic mixture of retired senior citizens, county workers, businessmen and prizefighters who have traveled down to one of only four States that provide steady work in their trade. Chris Dundee operates the boxing emporium on 5th Street, appropriately named the 5th Street Gym. Dundee promotes boxing and the fights are held locally, just a short mile or so in the Miami Beach Auditorium, also the home of the Jackie Gleason Show, when a young boxer from Washington D.C. hits town and the story begins.< Less
The Manly Art By Keith G. Laufenberg
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In “Sonny Liston's Eyes,” the reader is taken into the Underworld of the sport when a writer interviews an ex-mobster—who is dying of lung cancer—and claims to have killed... More > Sonny Liston, as well as JFK and Martin Luthur King Jr. He tells an incredible story but backs it up by saying he has absolutely verifiable evidence that he will produce for the writer. In “Frankenstein” we see why a young amateur boxer should have picked boxing over football. He has little say in the matter, as his father and uncle have trained him his entire life for football and his grandfather, an ex-professional boxer, has trained him in boxing after he begged him to teach him, after a fight in grade school. He has only two losses in 50 fights but when he is offered more money—just for a sign-on bonus—than the average worker makes in an entire lifetime, or that his grandfather made in his entire boxing career, and 20 times the bonus even his grandfather relents to the 18-year-old-high school senior signing with the Miami Dolphins.< Less
Cowboys and Indians By Keith G. Laufenberg
eBook (ePub): $1.09
Cowboys and Indians is a look back in history and the theme throughout is that the earth upon which we human beings presently live is being systematically killed, strangled, drilled, poisoned, beaten... More > and bartered to death, as we are so graphically shown in the story Walking Mountain, as well as most of the others. The undeniable truth shows us that the European immigrants had a philosophical difference with the Native Americans that they encountered living on the very shores that they invaded and vanquished, and always with the same thoughts in mind: to steal the land from the Natives, who they considered ignorant for their refusal to believe them when they told them how much the minerals above and below the earth, and the very earth itself, was “worth.” This is an argument that continues to this very day and the author has been quoted as saying: “I have always sided with the Native Americans” Any readers who enjoy historical truths seen through the eyes of both sides will enjoy all of these stories.< Less
The Human Beings By Keith G. Laufenberg
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“THE HUMAN BEINGS” is a story written for all ages & it is a story that sticks to the truth, as much as the imagination of any child can stick to the truth. The roots of the story... More > come from the biblical Adam & Eve story and progress in a vein that is intended for little children, as well as all children, to learn how they must treat animals, as well as each other in order not just to be happy but even to assure the survival of the entire planet's population. It centers on the fact that both men and women, human beings, must get along, not only with each other, by not judging one another and engaging in war after war with each other but also with the animal kingdom and the fact that the human beings must learn how to live with every creature on earth because if human beings cannot even learn the simple truth that they must befriend and share the earth with their animal brethren than they will never be able to befriend and share the earth with human beings of a different skin color, country or religion.< Less
Any Other Name By Keith G. Laufenberg
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The United States was debating attacking Cuba via the air and the sea but President Kennedy instead chose a military blockade; a quarantine of the weapons that they had identified as nuclear missiles... More > through a U2 spy-plane. When the U.S. made a demand on Russia to dismantle all their missile bases in Cuba they had little hope that it would actually ever happen and DEF CON 2, one step before all-out nuclear war was ordered by President John F. Kennedy, for the one and only time in history. The young ex-Marine was there—through the whole confrontation—and he saw history made but from a much different view than anyone else ever did or could have ever even imagined but now they can because this is that story. The other 7 stories are icing on the cake of the title story and will keep the reader on the edge of his seat: all with mystery, suspense and hard to imagine endings.< Less
The Profit Factor By Keith G. Laufenberg
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It's 1979 and Jimmy Carter's administration has been laboring in office for two years under a vicious cycle of stagnation and inflation giving birth to the term stagflation under his presidency, as... More > the prime interest rate heads in the same direction, climbing to unprecedented highs of 20 and 21% heading into 1980 and it pushes many Americans into corners they must fight their ways out of in order to find a way to earn money in order to survive and to support themselves and/or their families. In the city of Sacramento, California, Gary Greb labors as a union carpenter but with a wife and two toddlers to support—and, as new construction comes to an abrupt halt—he tries real estate sales where he can put his knowledge of construction techniques and land-use to bolster his earnings. If you never lived through these times in the 1970's and 80's, take heed and scrutinize today's headlines and economy and remember history has a way of repeating itself—and God only knows when the cycle will begin to spin again.< Less
Miami Rock By Keith G. Laufenberg
eBook (ePub): $1.09
The author of Miami Rock sets a blistering fast pace, and this mystery/thriller will keep you on the edge of your seat, and keep you reading from the first page right up to the last, as you wonder... More > what next calamity may befall one of the denizens of this sub-tropical area of our country, which many people refer to as a paradise for the great climate. Its Latin beat provides the backdrop for another side of this city, however, and one also well-know to the American public, for paradise can easily become a purgatory when crime becomes rampant, drugs are on every street corner and temptations for fast money is rampant in too many neighborhoods. The main characters, a rough-hewn group of construction workers, on a job-site in Ft. Lauderdale, sojourn into Miami for a night out and encounter much more than they had bargained for as rogue cops, drug dealers and a briefcase full of money all collide in this crossword puzzle of a mystery that you won't be able to figure out or put down, until the very last page.< Less
The Alphabet Book By Keith G. Laufenberg
eBook (ePub): $1.09
A compact book for children of all ages who have yet to learn to read and write. Go through the alphabet and make it interesting by pointing out that all the pictures start with the first letter of... More > the letter the children are focusing on.< Less
Screenplay Liberty City By Keith G. Laufenberg
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This story takes place in the 1960's; is it relevant today, in the Twenty-First Century? I believe so, because this story isn’t just about a predominantly black ghetto in Miami but something I... More > consider much more Machiavellian; for you could move the story ahead to today and you would still see the same grinding poverty in Liberty City. The story could have been set in Techwood, the country’s oldest government housing project, in Atlanta, until they kicked out all the poor residents, in 1996, so they could remodel it and sell all the apartments, or it could have been set in Overtown, another Miami ghetto, or Watts, in L.A., or Bed-Sty., in New York, or N.E. Washington, D.C. or any of the hundreds of others in this country, for the United States has extraordinary wealth, and it also has extraordinary poverty: poverty that is as senseless as it is useless and which could disappear overnight but for the senseless selfishness and greed of those in power.< Less