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The Eagle's Sore: A Novella By Kris Attfield
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Eyodar Blanchevi and Salahal Tart are newly graduated elven ‘computer programmers’ who intend to start their own business to improve the user experience on the EAGLEs. An EAGLE is... More > essentially the electronic computational device that the mythical Empire of Degalsia uses to run their everyday business activities and maintain communications. Before their business can begin operations, Salahal is attacked and mugged by a greedy and crazed dwarven kleptomaniac. Eyodar must start a company that’ll save the two friends financially, while a police-elf trio bands together to find the dwarf that attacked Salahal, before the thief does more damage. Can Eyodar and Salahal make it in the big business of elven electronics in an empire corrupted by crime and scandal? Will the police catch Salahal’s attacker, or does a greed-crazed dwarf threaten to destroy the young friends’ hard work? This is big-elven business in “The Eagle’s Sore: A Novella”.< Less
Letters to Whomever: A Sequel to 'The Book of Finch' By Kris Attfield
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Letters to Whomever is the sequel to The Book of Finch that occurs in the weeks after the publication of the original book. From Remembrance Day in November 2011 to January 2012 to July 2012, this... More > book is largely a series of email messages and some email discussion regarding the truthfulness or validity of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints or whatever apparent falseness there might be in or of the organization. This book, though it is heavily a discussion of how valid the LDS church is, is relevant as a sequel because it shows how Finch will proceed in his relationship with the church - to try to provide illustration for the situation Finch was presented with at the end of the previous book. Whether the reader accepts or rejects the LDS church is a choice left up to the individual reader him or herself - but the individual determining their own relationship to the church should be educated on the various issues regarding the history of the church and modern life in the church.< Less
The Book of Finch: Tale of the Real 'Fingerling' By Kris Attfield
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The Book of Finch tells the true and rather remarkable story of a man who feels he is seeing moments of his life portrayed in modern popular media, most notably in the motion picture "The Number... More > 23". Though the book might seem to be about a guy who's made for Hollywood, the story takes a rather religious turn as Finch discovers a secret of the Universe - that miracles are a reality, but Finch must struggle with a far from perfect church and the local mental health department. This is a story of a most horrifying metamorphosis that can best be regarded as either truly magical or truly insane - it is highly evident that Finch characterizes at least one of these two characteristics. It seems obvious to many that Finch was crazy, but that which lurks in his past may have been indicative of the future. What do those numbers mean, eh? This book includes a series of 24 poems written during the latter portion of the story.< Less