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Social Media Metamorphosis By Mac' Hermann
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Cuba is just now getting excited about the internet. Seems like that is the last country on earth to get the internet. Anyway, it is never too late. Read about the history of the internet and how it... More > all began, before metamorphing into what we now refer to as Socual Media. Whatever you do, don’t use Social Media as your one and solo source of news!< Less
Me, Myself & I :- A True Autobiography By Herman Yenwo
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I am a member of the Mbuy Clan...a prominent family in Banso, North West County of Ambazonia In this book you will read about my background, education, and journey from Nso land to the United States... More > and and back to Nkar. "Herman writes exactly the way he speaks" - "Straight from the heart." - Oprah -< Less
SMART is The New Rich By Herman Yenwo
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It is no longer enough to stick to one career and be dogmatic about it. In this computer age, you must be prepared to acquire new skills, or advance in your current line of work to learn new models... More > of your expertise; otherwise you get left behind. This book helps you do all that and more.< Less
Humor Yourself By Herman X
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A woman’s most important sexual organ is her MIND. She is much more interested in what she is feeling, than what she is doing. Knowing the secrets to master a woman’s mind will literally... More > create harmony at home, change your life and get you ANY girl you want, and keep her happy. Now I can’t really spoil the entire program, so you’ll just have to see for yourself. It's not just about one night stands - how to have one, AND maybe turn it into something more... First Impressions are everything when it comes to sex!< Less
Relationships...A Drama Series by By Herman Yenwo
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This play is about the intricacies of life. It focuses on relationships and portrays the dos and don'ts that make or brake a relationship. We often ignore the small stuff until they become... More > unmanageable. An enjoyable read for everyone, and a great adaptation for play directors.< Less
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Tall Tales of How Washington works. Focused on the realities of life. These tales are meant to open your eyes and soothe your soul from the wounds caused by your representatives. Dedicated to... More > everyone who loves satire, tall tales and Political Mombo Jombo. Take time to read this book carefully and thoroughly to the end. ---Herman ---< Less
13 cars in 13 years By Herman Yenwo
eBook (PDF): $4.99
May it please my readers… I am Herman Yenwo, the son of Yibongka, who is the daughter of Yenwo, who is the son of Mbuy. I was born on a Thursday, in Nkar, a small village in Nso, Northwest... More > Cameroon, West Africa. I attended St. Mary’s Elementary School in Nkar, St. Patrick’s High School in Ibadan, Bello University in Zaria and Temple University in Philadelphia, specializing in Computer Systems, Applications and Products. *I will use only first names in this book, to retain the privacy of anyone that may wish to remain anonymous.< Less
Rhapsody Nuance By Herman Yenwo
eBook (PDF): $7.99
Even as we sleep, We have one angel standing watch Another gathers up our hopes Some of the angels simply keep us company... In order that we may become the best that we can... More > be ----------------- Take heart ! For death is just God's way of telling ... God's way of saying... "Your work on earth is done" "Something much more is awaiting you in Heaven" Take heart, and be proud of the things you do on earth.< Less
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Speaking Etiquette really helps the reader to match their words with their body language and impress your listener.
My Pet - Wisky By Herman Yenwo
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Wisky was a German Sherpherd - A relentless hunting dog. A well trained dog for his age. He could scent a deer a mile away.