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The Memory of History By Lewis Bush
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The prosperity and unity Europe enjoyed in the wake of the break up of the Soviet Union has started to dissolve, and awkward histories and memories that had been presumed buried have begun to... More > re-emerge as a result of the Euro crisis. This book explores both the ways these memories are manifesting themselves, and attempts to critique the narratives of European history and the conceptions of time as linear that make them possible.< Less
Six Squared By Lewis Bush
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A collection of photographs taken around London and beyond on a 1940's Rolleiflex. A Rolleiflex is a twin lens reflex, a type of camera which was popular in the pre and post war periods but... More > gradually felt out of fashion in favour of the single lens reflex system that is widely used today. Twin lens reflexes are more difficult to use, and less flexible, but produce beautiful images with a distinctive square crop. The design also makes them incredibly quiet and surreptitious, ideal for shooting around a busy city like London.< Less
Canvey Island By Lewis Bush
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This book explores the relationship between the reclaimed island of Canvey, Essex, with the sea that surrounds it on all sides through photographs and interviews with five local people. Canvey's... More > unique geography and economy put it in the strange position of being on the one hand dependent on the sea for its income and character, and on the other hand constantly at threat of being engulfed by it. A flood in 1953 claimed nearly sixty lives, and in the years that followed a large sea wall was constructed around the island. In this context I was interested in exploring both memory of this event and the present landscape of the island.< Less
The Camera Obscured By Lewis Bush
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This book critiques the paranoia that surrounds photography in public spaces and the suspicion that all photographers are potential terrorists. It does this by drawing what could not be... More > photographed using a large camera obscura, a renaissance era drawing aid and the progenitor of the modern camera. The resulting book (designed in the style of an eighteenth century treatise) is an exploration of disparate topics. The historical intersections between art and photography, an uncertain boundary still much argued over. The question of what photography actually is, a narrow, technically definable means of recording an image, or a broad and inclusive way of seeing the world. Above all the question of where the balance lies between national security and civil rights, and what we stand to lose if we do not resist the gradual securitisation of public spaces.< Less