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Pathiel By LL Watkin
Paperback: $10.26
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No one ever attacks the deep border. It’s too distant, too poor and too boring to bother with. When ships do go missing there it’s a difficult operation to find them again and its rarely... More > good news. Someone has to make an attempt, however, and, as the largest civilian vessel in the Alliance, it’s Jethabel’s task to try. For the crew it should be an easy shake-down cruise and a chance to repair reputations and careers damaged by defeat and mutiny. For Dr Jessie Fletcher and the rest of the newly assigned science crew it should be an opportunity to get their study underway. It all depends on why the ships are vanishing, and who or what is to blame.< Less
The Drowned Leviathan & Other Stories By LL Watkin
Paperback: $10.63
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A collection of twelve fantasy, science fiction and horror stories originally published as independent ebooks or in society magazines. With tales ranging from ghost stories to hi-tech warcraft, the... More > collection includes the stories "The Drowned Leviathan", "Mesrin Station", "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Festival", “Love in the Dawn”, “Forgetting”, “The Boy in Blue”, “Stealing Salt” and others.< Less
The Chapel in the Wasteland By LL Watkin
Paperback: $12.60
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Being a Handmaiden of the Goddess is a job with many perks including a nice coastal apartment and the opportunity to stage a “holy retreat” whenever you fancy lounging in bed all day.... More > Keldaren had always dreamed of a life like this. Well, a life like this except for the constant threat of execution, the fear of assassination, the dread that the Goddess possibly has something nastier in store for her and the knowledge that her best friend certainly has underhanded surprises up her ghostly sleeves. Still, at least the food is fantastic.< Less
Therion By LL Watkin
Paperback: $12.29
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Captain David Arman is worried. He has claimed possession of a vast and powerful alien warship, a Leviathan named Jethabel, and won a first victory against the invading Tren armada. He should be... More > pleased, but his control of the situation is indirect at best. The ship can only be controlled through a civilian Pilot, Josh Hartley, and the glory of the battle has fallen to his first officer, Greg Hawthorne. Either or both could be a threat to Arman’s command, but he needs to find a way to punish the Tren whatever the cost. Shauna Murray has too many Tren in her sights. Commander of small, swift ambush ship Therion, she is deep in Tren space plundering supply convoys when she receives news of the Alliance fleet’s defeat and orders to retreat to the core worlds. Outnumbered and outgunned, escape won’t be easy but she has no choice but to try.< Less
The Abbey at the World's End By LL Watkin
Paperback: $12.36
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Keldaren just wanted an easy life. A job where the boss wouldn’t scream if she was five minutes late. A nice boyfriend. An apartment where the auto-programs actually worked. Treasure worth a... More > not so small fortune. To go a week without a bomb going off in her near vicinity. Was that so much to ask? Unfortunately, when your best friend is a three thousand year old ghost with a chip on her insubstantial shoulders, nothing is as easy as you’d imagine.< Less
Jethabel By LL Watkin
Paperback: $12.42
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Captain David Arman is worried. The fleet is falling back (again) and leaving Sheraton port to the hands of the Tren armada. Arman is staring at the worst rout any member of his family has faced.... More > Worse than Aunt Andrea’s capture at Endimon, which has been the talking point at every family event since. To salvage his reputation he needs to go down fighting, but his orders are to take as many refugees as will fit on board and run. Jayleigh Printer has charge of a science program with great potential for the war effort, but he too is abandoning Sheraton with whatever he can carry and as many test subjects as he can keep hold of. It’s imperative that he gets his charges safely back to a home-world, but that’s not easy with Tren deep cover agents on his trail. Between the two of them and the Tren, first officer Greg Hawthorne finds himself questioning his loyalties and struggling to stay alive.< Less
The Harpers and Other Stories By LL Watkin
Paperback: $12.46
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A collection of sixteen fantasy, science fiction and horror stories originally published in a fantasy society magazine. In “The Harpers”, young Elliot is just trying to keep out of his... More > brother’s way so that he stops throwing fireballs, a task made more difficult by the soldiers who have arrived to arrest their mage-lord father. William is anticipating the arrival of a new vampire paramour to share his love of the city’s “Neon Lights”, but it doesn’t go according to plan. Computer intelligence “McGellen” is struggling to adjust to the awakening of her crew from their long sleep, humans make such a mess of ship’s functions. With other tales ranging from medieval fantasies to ship-set science fictions, the collection is rounded out with “Josh and Jethabel”, the original short form version of the novel “Jethabel”.< Less