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ORIGIN: The Nineteenth Century Emergence of the 20th Century Breakaway Civilizations By WALTER BOSLEY
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The suspected secret space program of the hypothetical breakaway civilizations did not emerge from World War 2 Nazi 'Wonder Weapon' technology, nor from the postwar military-industrial complex or the... More > reverse engineering of a crashed ET saucer. This look at the 19th Century airship mysteries reveals a new perspective on the topic and may change your perspective on history.< Less
Latitude 33: Key to the Kingdom By Walter Bosley
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The original real life 'Tomorrowland'! An investigation into arcane science and engineering at the world's most famous theme park. Was there an inter-dimensional portal that influenced psychic... More > perception of visitors and allowed beings to enter across time and space? This book reveals surprising evidence that something otherworldly was built into The Magic Kingdom. Inspired by the author's personal experiences.< Less
The Lost Expedition of Sir Richard Francis Burton By WALTER BOSLEY
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Speculations on the missing six months in the life of legendary explorer/author Sir Richard Francis Burton take the reader into the quest for a lost civilization of remote antiquity. The author... More > proposes that Burton's mysteriously undocumented period in South America remains a classified secret and inspired another well known expedition into the Brazilian Amazon which still puzzles people to this day.< Less
SECRET MISSIONS:The Hidden Legacy of Old California By WALTER BOSLEY
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Hidden within the unanswered questions and missing details in the life of Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo is a mystery that is potentially astounding in its implications. Who was Cabrillo? What exactly was... More > his expedition to explore California really about? What is the truth about his reported death? The answers may link the Spanish conquistador to a legendary relic and the Knights Templar.< Less
The Reader Maneuvers By W.K. Miley
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The Reader returns, this time taking on a tyrannical military officer using an obscure Midwestern US air base to run a global black market operation. Having pulled off a spectacularly smooth heist... More > of over eleven million dollars in his first caper, the man of many identities has the resources to remain invisible and anonymous -- and is also the sole user of a secret device called The Acid Portal that brings it all together to take down the powerfully corrupt. This is the second exciting book in the series by author W.K.Miley< Less
To The Victors By Iyan Sandri
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In the distant future a group of scientist travel out of the solar system in search of a government project long forgotten.
The Reader On Run 34 By W.K. Miley
Paperback: List Price: $17.95 $16.16 | You Save: 10%
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First in a series of a dynamic new avenger. No one knows who he really is. Only he knows who he will become. The bad guys are gonna have to learn a whole new game and The Reader has read their... More > book...< Less
The Flight of the Hercules By Richard Senate
Paperback: $9.99
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Paranormal investigator Richard Senate makes his fiction debut in this thrilling airship adventure set in 1895. Join the adventure as an intrepid group of Americans take the Hercules on the first... More > journey around the world by air--facing dangers and treachery along the way!< Less
Phantom Stream Magazine #1 By Walter Bosley
eBook (PDF): $0.00
The magazine of other dimensions featuring top writers BRAD STEIGER, RICHARD SENATE, GREG BISHOP, WILLIAM MICHAEL MOTT presenting articles on shifts in time, spectral travelers through multiple... More > dimensions, UFOs as inter-dimensional craft and much more. Included in this first issue is the controversial LATITUDE 33:KEY TO THE KINGDOM, the book that presents the evidence that Disneyland was built as a psychotronic occult device intended to open doorways to other dimensions. This issue also contains classic paranormal fiction, and an interview with a Hollywood writer who had personal encounters with Charles Manson in the '60s. Read what paranormal websites have called a "Winner".< Less